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[News Pursuit]The government will send a letter to district councilors on the negative list, Tu Jinshen, and Kwong Junyu on the list | Headline Daily

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The government will soon initiate the oath-taking procedure for district councilors. Sing Tao Daily has learned that the authorities will first send letters to incumbent district councilors who are suspected of committing violations of the negative list requesting an explanation within a few days, and will send a letter to the districts that have not violated the negative list until a few days later. Members of Parliament issued a sworn invitation letter. Recently, there has been another wave of district councillors resigning. However, some district councilors who participated in the 35+ democrats’ primary elections, lent to negotiate and sign the “Mo Lao No Regrets” statement did not resign. The reporter roughly calculated that the involvement was at least 20 Six people (see table), including former Democratic Party legislators Tu Jinshen and Kwong Chunyu; together with the district councillors who have proposed “Recover Hong Kong, the Revolution of the Times”, the number is estimated to be even higher. It is understood that the authorities will hold an oath-taking ceremony for district councilors as early as the end of July. The Secretary for Home Affairs Xu Yingwei, who is responsible for administering the oath, will cancel the Tokyo Olympic trip.

Tu Jinshen Kuang Junyu is expected to be on the list

According to sources, the government will issue letters to current district councilors suspected of violating the negative list today or within one or two days at the earliest, asking them to explain the meaning of their actions. The authorities will give a few days to reply and consider their replies and related issues. After obtaining the information, decide whether to disqualify the relevant district councilor.

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Tsuen Wan District Councillor Zhao Enlai resigns

The government gazetted last Friday that since July 7, 214 elected members of the 18 district councils have resigned. Together with the district councilors who resigned before July 7, the number of vacancies in the district councils exceeds 250. . However, some district councillors who participated in the 35+ democrats’ primary elections, lent the office during the primary elections, and signed the “Mo Luo no Regret” statement did not resign. According to preliminary statistics from reporters, at least 26 existing district councillors may have received letters from the government requesting explanations, including Sha Tin District Council Vice Chairman Huang Xueli, Kwai Tsing District Council Chairman Leung Kam Wai, and Tsuen Wan District Council deputy Chairman Li Hongbo; Chairman of the Tsuen Wan District Council, Chen Wanchen, who signed the “No Regrets” statement as the Civic Party during the primary election; Former Legislative Council Members Tu Jinshen, Kwong Chunyu, and Wan Chai District Council Chairman Yang Xueying, and the Democratic Party who participated in the primary elections of 35+ Democrats Southern District Councillor Su Yiheng and others.

As for the incumbent district councilors who are not involved in the violation of the negative list, it is reported that it will take a few days to receive the invitation letter for the oath. It is expected that the oath ceremony will be held between the end of July and the beginning of August at the earliest. It is understood that Xu Yingwei, who originally arranged the trip to Tokyo Olympic Games, will cancel the trip because she needs to stay in Hong Kong to handle the oath.

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Yesterday, another district councillor resigned before the government issued a letter. Tsuen Wan district councillor Zhao Enlai posted on social media yesterday morning that he had resigned as a Tsuen Wan district councillor, which will take effect today. He wrote in a post: “The present parliament is no longer the parliament of the past. In the foreseeable future, we will not be able to discuss and discuss politics, reform the community, and pursue justice. The collapse of the parliament tells us not to hope for any changes in the system. It is also a crime for contemporary parliamentarians to speak up freely and uphold public opinion. How can they serve the people, but they have no choice but to let go, abandon their illusions, and resign as a member of the Tsuen Wan District.” Zhao Enlai also pointed out that leaving the parliament does not mean giving up the community front, and we need to try to explore new things together. Way out.

After attending the event yesterday, Wu Qiubei, deputy to the National People’s Congress of the Hong Kong District and the chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions, criticized the district councillor’s irresponsibility in his resignation. He believed that the oath was a responsibility that the district councillor must perform as a public official. If a district councillor thought he could not fulfill the requirements for the oath , And choose to resign, this reason for resignation will not be accepted by the public. He also emphasized that if a district councilor is DQ due to liability issues, he must act in accordance with the law and must bear legal responsibility.

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