News: Scientists: Meditation will help to preserve youthfulness of the brain


April 16 – RIA Fresh Wind. Scientists have established that meditation can enhance cognitive abilities and protect the brain from age-related changes. An unusual study was conducted by scientists from the University of California. For 7 years, experts observed a group of volunteers of 40 people who regularly practiced meditation twice a day – in the morning and in the evening for several minutes. They were examined at 6 and 18 months, and then 7 years later. At the end of the experiment, all the same 40 participants stated that they continue the practice, but already about 1 hour every day. They were compared to a control group where people did not meditate. As a result, it was found that people in the experimental group had improved overall psychological well-being, they better tolerated stressful situations, and their level of attention was at an altitude. The authors concluded that the results of the experiment indicate a direct relationship of meditation with memory, attention (whose deterioration is an important sign of aging), and other very important brain functions. A source | | Related news: The laser beam burns out a tumor of the brain In Kiev, for the first time in the world, a unique operation was carried out to remove the tumor of the brain. To read further … Scientists have created a miniature device for studying the brain British scientists have developed a compact device for studying the human brain. To read further … Scientists have discovered a brain cancer provoking cancer American specialists from the University of California have found a gene that is responsible for the development of brain cancer ….

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