Perhaps this news is what many Apple Watch users have been waiting for some time: Spotify has begun to be tested on iOS devices.

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<p>According to The Verge, "the beta testers of the application <strong>Spotify for iOS </strong>they have begun to gain access to the application and the first version seems to be limited to just controlling reproduction, for now. " </p>
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Another announcement is that the music app on streaming At the moment it will not have the online support that would allow Premium subscribers to synchronize songs with a Apple Watch and use it without a iPhone close, an advantage that at the moment only users of Android.

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<p>In addition, according to The Verge, Snowy developer Andrew Chang revealed last year that <strong>Spotify </strong>I had hired him to create a complementary application using the company's iOS SDK. This is now the first sign of that emerging application. </p>
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