News | Strasbourg loves its students

You are still looking for accommodation in Strasbourg, you will find some leads here
To get around Strasbourg: you can use different types of transport at special rates:
o Bus, tram and night lines: solidarity pricing of the CTS (link to the bus and tram network) for over 18s (new: free up to the age of 18)
o Bike: € 10 per 10 month Vélhop rental if you are a grant holder and € 42 if you are not a grant holder. You can also buy one.
• Where to eat balanced cheap? In restaurants: price 3.30 € or 1 € (!) If you are a scholarship holder or in difficulty
• Several aid schemes for those of you in financial trouble to find here.
Other good plans to equip yourself, eat, go out … here

We wish you again a very good return to Strasbourg!

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