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News “The list of East Olympics chartered business class aircraft exposed to the Deputy Director of the Sports Department and others included | Politics | 新头壳 Newtalk

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List of East Austrian chartered business class.Photo: Courtesy of Wang Wanyu

Taiwan’s Tokyo Olympic delegation took a special plane to Tokyo, Japan. However, it was reported that the athletes took the economy class and the officials took the business class, which caused terror. In this regard, Wang Wanyu, Lieutenant of Time Force, today (19th) afternoon, asked the Sports Department for a list of chartered business class flights. In addition to the coach, it also includes the head of the group Lin Hongdao, the team leader Cai Chenwei, the secretary general of the Chinese Olympic Games Li Yufang, and the deputy team leader Hong Zhichang. (Deputy Director of Sports Department), Consultant Lan Kuntian (Head of Sports Department), Consultant Li Wenbin (Executive Director of National Sports Training Center) and others.

The 134 Chinese delegation headed to Japan from Songshan Airport on a chartered flight this morning. However, in the afternoon it was heard that the players were in economy class and the officials were in business class. This violated Su Zhenchang and Minister of Education Pan Wenzhong’s promise that coaches and athletes would take business class. Even the badminton player Dai Ziying also wrote “I miss EVA Air, I can take a business class” on IG for a limited time.

Wang Wanyu announced the business class list in the evening and relayed the statement of the Sports Department, “Due to the large number of players, the players are arranged to sit in the economy front cabin with no one next to them, and no people in the front and back rows, so as to avoid the case that one of them is diagnosed, which will cause the players. Being quarantined affects the rights of the competition. As for the head coach and team doctors, they are arranged in the business class with a small number of seats, and the staff are arranged in the rear cabin of the economy class. The charter flights are used to set off and the seats are divided to ensure the safety of the players.”

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The Sports Department pointed out that due to the Tokyo Olympic Committee’s regulations, the athletes must leave the athletes’ village two days after the game. Therefore, according to the schedule of each sport type, each representative athlete and coach will be arranged to return to the country in business class.

Wang Wanyu criticized that after reading these lists and explaining the reasons, the anger was not dispelled at all, because the Sports Department was just talking about it. According to the Sports Department, the seat arrangement was decided through the epidemic prevention meeting, because the economy class seats are more abundant and available. The distance is longer, so it is safer. “The Department of Sports means that the officials are “wrongly” boarding the “more dangerous” business class? Who can accept such a statement!”

Wang Wanyu said that President Tsai Ing-wen promised to increase sports funding before the Rio Olympics four years ago. Players and coaches will all travel in business class when they go abroad to compete. Isn’t such a commitment and increased funding unable to add another charter plane, at least not? Let the players watch the officials fly in business class, but do they want to fly in economy class? “Why can’t you take the business class on the outbound journey, but on the return journey? The Sports Department is putting the cart before the horse!

Wang Wanyu questioned that not only Dai Ziying’s father was unaware, but even the Badminton Association said, “The players will only know when they start off and will try their best to get the players to upgrade to business class when they return to China.” “I just want to ask about this communication process. What the hell is going wrong!”

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Wang Wanyu mentioned that Lin Hongdao, chairman of the Chinese Olympic Games, and his brother, former 101 chairman Lin Hongming, were involved in a tunneling case involving more than 2.4 billion yuan in 2015, and four years ago during the sports reform. Lin Hongdao and Cai Chenwei, who are elders in sports, are also very opposed. Lin Hongdao directly left the meeting with the Sports Department and did not want to talk. Cai Chenwei strongly opposed the opening of the association, and even called on the directors of other associations to perform together. A drama of “resign and quit” was given to the Sports Department. “These two people still hold important positions after the sports reform, and they are still sitting in the business class on a chartered flight to Tokyo.”

Regarding the President of the Executive Yuan Su Zhenchang when he sent the plane off, he said, “After the contestants return to the country in triumph, a heroic parade will be held to make the Chinese people proud of the contestants.” But Wang Wanyu believes that what the contestants want is not the icing on the cake after the match. Riding on the glorious hero parade, but before the game, we can give the most complete and sufficient resources, so that we may be qualified to say that the country is the strongest backing for the players.


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