World News today: Second case of lung disease confirmed in...

News today: Second case of lung disease confirmed in the USA


A brief overview of the most important messages:

  • German businessman murdered in Liberia (6.30 p.m.)
  • Second Case of Lung Disease in the United States (4:47 p.m.)
  • Police confirm six dead after gunshots in Baden-Württemberg (3:09 p.m.)
  • Author of “The Cloud”: Gudrun Pausewang is dead (10.13 am)
  • Polish LOT takes over holiday plane Condor (9.57 a.m.)
  • Eleven cities in China cordoned off for corona virus (6.46 a.m.)

You can read the reports on impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump here.

Today ‘s news in star-Ticker:

+++ 19:19: government in Paris brings controversial pension reform on the way +++

Despite weeks of mass protests, the French government launched the controversial pension reform. A government spokeswoman said on Friday after the Ministerial Council headed by President Emmanuel Macron. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets against the reform. According to the Ministry of the Interior in Paris, 249,000 people took part in the protests nationwide, the CGT union spoke of more than 1.3 million demonstrators.

+++ 19.09 PM: 34 US soldiers injured in Iranian missile attack in early January +++

In the Iranian missile attack on an internationally used base in Iraq in early January, significantly more US soldiers were injured than previously reported. A U.S. Defense Department spokesman said Friday that 34 soldiers had suffered concussions and brain damage. Half of them have since returned to their unit. Eight soldiers were flown back to the United States after initial treatment in Germany, and nine others continued to be treated in a U.S. military hospital in Germany.

+++ 6.30pm: According to reports, German businessman murdered in Liberia +++

A German businessman is said to have been killed in the city of Buchanan in Liberia, West Africa. “We are aware of the case. Our embassy in Monrovia is in close contact with the relatives and the relevant local authorities,” the Foreign Office said on Friday on request. The authority did not want to provide any further information on the crime and the victim.

Liberia’s President George Weah spoke of a brutal murder in a statement posted on the Internet. Accordingly, the act happened on Wednesday morning in the house of the German manager. The police and authorities worked to clarify the case and prosecute the perpetrators, it said.

+++ 17.27 PM: According to allegations – Weber wants to have company car use checked +++

The CSU European politician Manfred Weber has to face critical questions about the use of his EU company car in Bavaria. The matter should be on the agenda of the Committee on Budgetary Control in the European Parliament as soon as possible, said Green MEP Daniel Freund.

As the “Spiegel” reported, the official car of the leader of the parliamentary group of the European People’s Party is not based at the parliament in Brussels or Strasbourg, but in Bavaria. There Weber also used the car for trips to CSU events in the current local election campaign. None of the other parliamentary group leaders in the European Parliament had left their company car at home. Weber told the “Spiegel” that the car would only be used for business purposes. He also always travels to CSU appointments as EPP Group leader and thus in the interests of the service. The use was also approved by the EU parliament administration. On Friday afternoon, Weber was initially unable to obtain a response on request.

+++ 17.21 PM: Perpetrator of Rot am See is a sports shooter +++

The gunman from Rot am See killed six people with a pistol. The weapon was a semi-automatic handgun with a caliber of nine millimeters, the police said. The man is a marksman. He had a gun license.

+++ 16.47 PM: Second case of new lung disease confirmed in the United States +++

A second case of the new lung disease from China has occurred in the United States. It is a woman in Chicago, who recently returned from the hardest hit Chinese city of Wuhan, the CDC said. In addition, more than 50 suspected cases were observed in 22 different states, said the head of the CDC’s Immunization and Lung Disease Department, Nancy Messonnier. “CDC believes that the risk to people in the United States is currently low, but the situation is changing quickly.”

+++ 16.34 PM: head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution rejects criticism of the timing of the “Combat 18” ban +++

The President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Thomas Haldenwang, defended the long preparation period for the ban on the neo-Nazi association “Combat 18” against criticism from the opposition. “The Federal Ministry of the Interior intervened when it became clear that the group was very important within the extreme right-wing scene and it was clear that action had to be taken,” said Haldenwang of the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”.

+++ 16.21 PM: Experts: Fires in Australia contribute to record CO2 concentration in 2020 +++

The forest and bush fires, which have been raging in Australia for months, contribute to a new record for the climate-damaging CO2 content in the earth’s atmosphere, according to the British meteorological authority. The agency said it calculated based on preliminary data from the Global Fire Emissions Database that fires in Australia increased global CO2 levels in 2020 by up to 0.05 parts per million (ppm). This made up a fifth of the expected increase, it said. For 2020 it is expected that the CO2 concentration will rise above 410 ppm for the first time. The expected annual average is 414.2 ppm. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the earth’s atmosphere has not been this high for at least 800,000 years.

+++ 16.03 PM: Burnt female body found in the north of Russia +++

The burnt body of a young woman has been found in a forest near St. Petersburg in northern Russia. According to several local media, this is said to be a 20-year-old blogger. On her YouTube channel, she reported, among other things, about meetings with rich men and hitchhiking. She also described her experiences with drugs. The police are reportedly investigating the background and have not ruled out a crime. The body was discovered on Thursday about 100 meters from a street.

+++ 15.55 p.m .: No buyer for sausage manufacturer Wilke – all employees quit +++

At the North Hessian sausage manufacturer Wilke, involved in a meat scandal, the lights finally go out. Despite intensive efforts and the involvement of a company specializing in takeovers, no successor solution for business operations has been found, insolvency administrator Mario Nawroth said after a meeting of creditors in Korbach. Existing assets of the insolvent company should be used to satisfy claims from creditors. The remaining 62 employees were dismissed, according to Nawroth.

+++ 3.15 p.m .: 430 supporters of Fridays for Future protest in front of the Datteln hard coal power plant +++

Under the motto “Four dates? Not with me!” demonstrated several hundred supporters of the Fridays for Future climate protection movement in Datteln, North Rhine-Westphalia, against the hard coal-fired power plant there. According to police, up to 430 participants moved from downtown Dattel to the power plant, where a final rally was held in the afternoon. The protests were directed against the plans to phase out the coal, according to which the new Datteln IV power plant should still go into operation.

+++ 15.09 PM: police confirm six deaths after gunshots in Baden-Württemberg +++

After the shots in Rot am See in northeastern Baden-Württemberg, the police confirmed that six people had been killed. More details should be announced at a press conference at 4:30 p.m. in Rot am See town hall, a spokesman said. According to the officials, there is probably a relationship between the perpetrator and the victims – “but this is not yet certain”. One assumes a lone perpetrator. The suspect was arrested (see also reports from 2:11 p.m., 2:35 p.m. and 2:55 p.m.),

+++ 14.55 PM: police operation in Rot am See is running +++

The police operation after the shots in Rot am See continues, the officials said on Twitter. They asked users not to participate in speculation about the background and the perpetrator.

According to the police, the police are on site with a large contingent. A suspect was arrested. There is currently no evidence of other perpetrators – it was a single perpetrator. A police spokesman told the AFP that the perpetrators and victims had known each other. There are several injured and dead, said a spokesman for the police Aalen. He made no statement about how many people were killed. According to information from the DPA news agency, there are six deaths (see also reports from 2:11 p.m. and 2:35 p.m.),

Baden-Württemberg: Several dead after shots in Rot am See

+++ 14.35 p.m .: Apparently six dead in red at the lake +++

After the shots in Rot am See in the northeast of Baden-Württemberg, six people died, according to the DPA news agency. The police initially only confirmed that “probably” there were also deaths. In addition, several people were injured (see also message from 2:11 p.m.).

+++ 14.11 clock: shots in red at the lake in Baden-Württemberg – probably several dead, suspect arrested +++

Gunshots were fired in Rot am See in the northeast of Baden-Württemberg, there are said to be several deaths and injuries. This reports the police headquarters in Aalen. A suspect was arrested. “According to initial findings, there is a relationship,” said the police.

A local police spokesman said star, the crime happened “in a building” in Bahnhofstrasse in the 5000-inhabitant community in the Schwäbisch Hall district. According to the current status, there is no longer any danger. At first, he could not confirm the number of six deaths reported by various media.

The police received the emergency call at 12.45 p.m. “Shots were reported,” the spokesman continued. Thereupon an “alarm chain” was started.

The spokesman was initially unable to provide further background information on the crime.

+++ 14.10 PM: State protection determined for beer with Nazi symbols for 18.88 euros +++

The police are investigating Nazi symbolic beer bottles sold in a beverage market in Burgenlandkreis. A police spokeswoman said the suspicion was that unconstitutional license plates were being used. The police were made aware of the beer by two ads earlier this week. The state protection responsible for political crimes has taken over the investigation.

The case from the beverage market in Bad Bibra also made waves on social networks on Friday. Photos showed several boxes of the “German Reichsbräu” in the beverage market, which was offered at a price of 18.88 euros. The number “18” is a scene code for the first and eighth letters in the alphabet, the initials of Adolf Hitler. The 88 stands for “Heil Hitler” in the scene.

+++ 13.58 PM: false alarms keep Russian security agencies on their breath +++

The series of serious false alarms in Russia on alleged explosive devices in public buildings does not stop. Today alone, several schools, a children’s hospital and numerous courts in Moscow received bomb threats, as reported by the state agency Tass, citing security authorities. The threats repeatedly paralyze schools and parts of public life because facilities have to be evacuated. According to reports from the Interfax agency, up to 1.5 million people have been brought to safety in Moscow alone since the start of a new wave of bomb threats on November 28. On December 19, the number of evacuees reached a record 170,000.

It is unclear who is sending these threats for what purpose. The Russian domestic secret service FSB is investigating the mass distribution of false reports with the aim of disrupting public order.

+++ 13.39 p.m .: Evangelical kindergarten declares carnival as taboo +++

In a Protestant kindergarten in Korntal-Münchingen near Stuttgart, the foolish days are said to be canceled this year. There are different opinions about the compatibility of Mardi Gras and Christian values, the local church community announced and thus confirmed a report by the “Bild” newspaper. There will therefore be no disguise and foolish mood, also because the facility suffers from staff shortages. According to the Evangelical State Church, kindergartens and other institutions are free to decide whether and how they celebrate Carnival, Mardi Gras and Shrovetide.

+++ 13.34 PM: According to media reports, woman shot during police operation in Berlin +++

According to newspaper reports, a woman was shot during a police operation in Berlin-Friedrichshain. Initially, the police did not confirm this, but referred the public prosecutor’s office to give an opinion in the early afternoon. The incident is said to have taken place in Grünberger Strasse early in the morning, as the “Tagesspiegel” writes. The woman is said to have had a knife with which she threatened a man and police officer in her apartment. She is said to be already known to the police and have noticed drug-related offenses.

“We found out about this tragic operation this morning. No policeman likes to shoot,” quotes the newspaper Benjamin Jendro, spokesman for the Berlin Police Union. “Such situations are extremely stressful, as the right, albeit momentous, decisions are made within a split second “Of course, this operation will also be examined in detail.

+++ 13.19 PM: thousands protest again in France against pension reform +++

Thousands of people across France have once again taken to the streets against the planned pension reform. In the morning, numerous demonstrators gathered at the Place de la République in Paris. There were also protests in other cities such as Nantes and Marseille. Disruptions occurred again in Parisian public transport, numerous stations remained closed. However, the effects were far from being as bad as during the previous weeks’ strikes. The situation in rail traffic had normalized again since Monday.

Strikes in France: protests against pension reform are having an effect - Prime Minister Philippe gives way

+++ 1 p.m .: More than 1.2 million calls to the telephone counseling service +++

Church telephony counseling received more than 1.2 million calls in 2019. The most common topics were fears and loneliness, as the Diakonie Germany announced in Berlin. But people in need also turned to telephone counseling because of mental and physical limitations and relationship issues. Last year there were around 1.3 million calls.

At 52 percent, around half of those seeking advice on the phone are between 50 and 69 years old. The majority are therefore women. Young people primarily use the Internet. At 59 percent, more than half of the 15 to 29-year-olds contacted the pastors via email or chat. A total of around 6500 volunteers can be reached around the clock by phone, email and chat. Telephone counseling is carried out jointly by the Evangelical and Catholic Church.

+++ 12.53 p.m .: kidnapping on the open road – witnesses only watched +++

A 22-year-old was ill-treated and kidnapped in front of several witnesses in Hagen – apparently without help. It was “terrifying” that no one had intervened in the incident in front of an arcade in the Ruhr area city or informed the police, the officials said. On video footage from surveillance cameras it can be seen how the 22-year-old was taken into a headlock and gagged until he passed out. The victim was then knocked unconscious into a car by several people and driven away.

According to the police, the 22-year-old was involved in drug deals and had debts that were attempted to be recovered. Finally, out of fear, he turned to the police. Two suspects are now in custody. It is also being examined whether criminal proceedings are brought against witnesses of what happened on January 15 for failure to provide assistance.

+++ 12.41 PM: Bolsonaro shocked with comments about native people +++

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has once again caused a scandal with disparaging remarks about the indigenous people in the Amazon region. “Certainly the indigenous people have changed and evolved. They are more and more human beings like us,” said the ex-military in his weekly video on social networks. “We want them to integrate into society and really take ownership of their lands.”

Representatives of the indigenous groups in Brazil criticized the right-wing populist’s statements as racist. “We indigenous peoples who come from this earth demand respect. Bolsonaro is violating the constitution again by denying our existence as human beings,” Sônia Guajajara of the indigenous umbrella organization Abip wrote on Twitter. The organization will take legal action against the president.

Jair Bolsonaro: These are the most questionable quotes from the new Brazilian president

+++ 12.31 PM: space travelers bake cookies on the ISS +++

For the first time in the history of the International Space Station, space travelers baked cookies in space. However, they took significantly longer in weightlessness than in the oven on earth. The chocolate biscuits looked best after two hours of baking time, as the private US space company Nanoracks announced on Facebook. The average baking time in the kitchen is a good 20 minutes. A total of five cookies were baked in a special oven for different lengths of time. According to Nasa, the experiment will investigate whether space travelers could bake fresh themselves on long-term missions. This could bring them psychological and physiological benefits. The choice of meals would also be greater.

+++ 12.27 PM: Ocean Viking “saves almost a hundred migrants +++

The rescue ship “Ocean Viking” rescued 92 migrants in an inflatable dinghy off the coast of Libya. The aid organization SOS Méditerranée said that around a third of the rescued were minors, the majority of them unaccompanied. There were also five pregnant women in the rubber dinghy. “The rubber dinghy was slowly losing air. It is hard to imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t found it so quickly,” said Frédéric Penard of SOS Méditerranée. He hoped that the “Ocean Viking” would soon be assigned a safe haven. The people who suffered from hypothermia and seasickness could receive first aid on board, “but the rescue really only ends on land”.

+++ 12.15 p.m .: huge explosion in Houston +++

An explosion has occurred in the US metropolis of Houston. Police patrols blocked the streets around the affected factory building, the police told the Texas city on Twitter. The bang could be heard for miles, reported the broadcaster ABC13. Smoke and debris could be seen in a photo. According to KHOU11, the explosion made walls shake and windows vibrate. Various residents of the city commented on Twitter that their houses had also shaken or that they had been woken up from sleep. The explosion is said to have occurred at 4.27 a.m. local time (11.27 a.m.CET).

+++ 12.13 p.m .: Amokalarm at school in Cologne – police: no evidence of a concrete threat +++

Due to an amok alarm, the Cologne police moved out on a major mission at a school in the Mülheim district. Special forces searched the school class by class, the police said. Teachers and children would have locked themselves in the classrooms. But there is currently “no evidence of a specific threat,” the police said on Twitter.

+++ 12.04 PM: tens of thousands demand withdrawal of US troops in Baghdad +++

Tens of thousands of Iraqis have called for US troops to be withdrawn from the country in a protest in the capital, Baghdad. On Friday, they followed an appeal by the influential Shiite preacher Muktada al-Sadr. The demonstrators carried Iraqi flags, shouted “No, No, No America” ​​and trod on pictures of US President Donald Trump. The Iraqi parliament had demanded that US troops be withdrawn after the United States killed Iraqi general Ghassem Soleimani in Baghdad. Iraqi government said it was working to implement the decision. So far there are no concrete steps.

+++ 11.58: spectacular turnaround in the Starnberg murder with three deaths: two arrests +++

In a case previously classified by the police as a double murder with subsequent suicide by the alleged perpetrator in Starnberg, there has been a spectacular turning point. The police now classify the case as a murder and arrested two suspects, as reported by the police headquarters in Upper Bavaria North in Ingolstadt on Friday. A large number of weapons had been seized from the two suspects, accused of murder and aid to murder.

The bodies of a 21-year-old man and his 60 and 64-year-old parents were found almost two weeks ago. The police initially assumed that the son killed the parents first and then himself. Two weapons had been found on site. The further investigations into the origin of the weapons led to those who had now been arrested.

+++ 11.32 PM: IG Metall waives concrete wage demands +++

IG Metall wants to forego a concrete wage claim in the upcoming collective bargaining round for the German metal and electrical industry. Instead, the focus should be on securing around four million jobs, as the first chairman Jörg Hofmann explained in Frankfurt.

+++ 11.01 clock: China closes parts of the Great Wall of China because of corona virus +++

The protective measures against the corona virus in China are now also a symbol of the country’s strength: parts of the Great Wall of China are being closed. The Ming Tombs and Yinshan Pagoda were also closed as a precaution, the authority responsible for managing these historic sites said on Friday. The stadium of the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing is no longer accessible since Friday.

+++ 10.31 PM: Sigmar Gabriel should become a supervisory board at Deutsche Bank +++

Former SPD chairman Sigmar Gabriel has been nominated by Deutsche Bank as a new member of the financial institution’s supervisory board. As announced by Deutsche Bank, Gabriel will stand for election at the next general meeting of shareholders. “We are very pleased to have Sigmar Gabriel as a committed European and transatlantic for the Deutsche Bank supervisory board,” said supervisory board chairman Paul Achleitner.

+++ 10.20 PM: Less counterfeit money in Europe and in Germany +++

The efforts of Europe’s monetary authorities to improve the security of euro banknotes are having an effect: the number of counterfeits continued to fall last year – both in Europe and in Germany. According to the European Central Bank (ECB), 559,000 false euro notes pulled police, retailers and banks out of circulation. This reduced the number of flowers by 4,000 in comparison to the previous year and to the lowest level since 2013 (670,000 counterfeits).

+++ 10.16 a.m .: More than five years imprisonment for Islamists in the vicinity of Berlin assassin Amri +++

The Berlin Chamber Court sentenced an Islamist in the vicinity of the Breitscheidplatz assassin Anis Amri to five years and four months in prison for planning an attack. The verdict against 32-year-old Magomed-Ali C. came on charges of preparing for a serious crime that is dangerous to the state and an explosion crime. A shopping center is said to have been a possible target.

+++ 10.13 PM: author of “The Cloud”: Gudrun Pausewang is dead +++

The writer Gudrun Pausewang is dead. She died on Thursday evening at the age of 91 near Bamberg, as her son told the DPA news agency.

Pausewang was especially known for her children’s and youth books. For example, she wrote “The Last Children of Schewenborn” (1983) or the novel “The Cloud” (1987) about the consequences of a fictitious nuclear reactor accident. The book became a bestseller a year after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

+++ 9.57 a.m .: circles: Polish LOT takes over holiday plane Condor +++

The Polish airline LOT takes over the battered holiday plane Condor. LOT has knocked out several financial investors in the bidding race, as reported from negotiating circles. (See also report from 8.28 a.m.)

+++ 9.37 clock: Two bodies found in the industrial area near Neustrelitz in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania +++

Two bodies have been found near the city of Neustrelitz in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. It was a man and a woman, the police said in the late evening in Neubrandenburg. Accordingly, a witness found the dead in a vast industrial area crossed by forests outside the city. The background was open. According to the police, the identity of the dead found on Thursday afternoon had not yet been finally clarified.

+++ 9.18 a.m .: IC at Horb station derailed +++

An intercity derailed at Horb am Neckar station in Baden-Württemberg in the evening. The Federal Police Inspectorate in Offenburg announced that three wagons had jumped out of the tracks while driving slowly, but did not tip over. The approximately 80 to 100 passengers on the train were therefore evacuated unharmed. The investigation into the cause of the accident initially continued. As a result of the accident, delays and train accidents are expected.

+++ 9.05 PM: survey: majority plans summer vacation in Germany +++

According to a survey, vacations in Germany will remain popular with Germans in the coming summer – but low-income households in particular often plan not to travel at all. According to the ARD “Germany Trend”, 39 percent of those eligible to vote currently state that they want to spend their summer vacation in their own country. 34 percent want to travel abroad in Europe. Around every eighth (twelve percent) is drawn to countries outside Europe in the summer.

Almost one in four (23 percent) will probably not travel in the summer. According to the “Germany Trend”, this is strongly related to the financial possibilities: In households with a net income of less than 1,500 euros, 43 percent are likely to stay at home. In the income group between 1,500 and 3,000 euros, 27 percent do not plan a trip, while in the higher income classes only 13 percent do not want to travel. Infratest dimap asked 1043 voters from January 21st to 22nd for the “Germany trend” on behalf of the ARD “Morning Magazine”.

+++ 8.59 a.m .: Merkel met Erdogan +++

Chancellor Angela Merkel met Istanbul with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The two initially want to open a new campus of the Turkish-German University together. The two then come together for political talks.

The list of topics for the one-day visit to Merkel is long: Libya, Syria, refugees, bilateral affairs and more could be discussed. In the German-Turkish relationship there is no longer an ice age as in 2017 and partly in 2018. Nevertheless, crises always overshadow the dialogues.

+++ 8.51 a.m .: Nigeria: at least 24 dead from Lassa fever +++

According to the authorities, at least 24 people have died of Lassa fever in Nigeria since the beginning of the year. A total of 163 cases of the disease were confirmed from January 1 to 19, the Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) said. There are concerns that the death toll may continue to rise.

Lassa fever keeps breaking out in West African countries like Nigeria. It belongs to the so-called hemorrhagic fever and, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), was named after a city in northeastern Nigeria, where the disease was first described in 1969. According to the RKI, up to 300,000 people contract it every year. Unlike Ebola, 80 percent of those infected do not show any symptoms. As a result, about one to two percent of the sick die.

+++ 8.43 a.m .: Von der Leyen signs Brexit agreement for the EU +++

A week before Brexit, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Council President Charles Michel signed the agreement on Britain’s exit from the European Union. Von Leyen said this in a Twitter message in the morning, in which she also published a picture of the signing. This clears the way for ratification by the European Parliament.

“Things will change inexorably, but our friendship will stay,” Michel wrote on Twitter. “We are opening a new chapter as partners and allies.” He is looking forward to “writing this new chapter together”. Queen Elizabeth II signed the Brexit law in London on Thursday. The Brexit agreement is to be ratified by the EU Parliament on January 29.

+++ 8.30 a.m .: Laschet reproaches German car industry +++

North Rhine-Westphalia’s Prime Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) has warned of a decline in the German auto industry and accused automakers of failing to make use of electromobility and autonomous driving. “The situation is serious,” Laschet told the “Handelsblatt”. “I hope the German car companies just got the corner again.” Laschet generally welcomed the fact that VW boss Herbert Diess had recently warned of a decline in the group. “But of course you could have given such a fire speech ten years ago.”

+++ 8.28 a.m .: Buyer for Condor holiday plane found +++

The battered holiday plane Condor has found a buyer. The airline, which was caught up in the Thomas Cook bankruptcy, invited to a press conference in Frankfurt. It is about “together with the new owner” to inform about the future of Condor, said the airline. The buyer’s name was not mentioned in the notice. Condor will announce further details in the morning (11:00 a.m.).

Most recently, three serious interested parties were mentioned in media reports in the bidding process for Condor: the Polish airline LOT, the US financial investor Apollo together with German tour operators and a co-investor, and as a third bidder the British investment company Greybull.

+++ 8.26 a.m .: Disneyland Shanghai closed due to corona virus +++

Due to the spread of the novel corona virus, Disneyland in Shanghai will be closed for the time being from Saturday. The decision was made to protect the staff and visitors, the amusement park said. Weekends of Chinese New Year holidays begin at the weekend, and Disneyland had planned special spectacles. All visitors who have already booked would be compensated, the park said on its website. When Disneyland reopened its doors was initially unclear. The date will be announced in coordination with the authorities, it said.

+++ 7.26 a.m .: Peru: Four dead in the explosion of a gas truck +++

At least four people were killed in the explosion of a gas-laden truck in Peru. 49 more people were injured in the accident on Thursday in the capital city of Lima, according to the South American country’s health ministry. In addition, 14 houses in the southern quarter of Villa El Salvador were destroyed.

According to the information, a nine-year-old child and an 18-year-old are among the dead. They both died of severe burns in the hospital. Many injuries have burns to 80 percent of their bodies, said Health Minister María Luisa Hinostroza. Seven injured children were in mortal danger, health director Ricardo Zopfi told the RPP radio station.

+++ 6.46 clock: China quasi-quarantines 37 million people +++

In the fight against the spread of lung disease in China, severe movement restrictions have been imposed on around 37 million people in the severely affected central Chinese province of Hubei. As the youngest three metropolitan areas, public transport and trains to other locations were stopped in Jingzhou (5.6 million inhabitants), Xiaogan (5 million) and Dangyang (470,000), the city governments reported. With the provincial capital Wuhan, at least eleven cities have been practically isolated.

People on the street with face masks

+++ 5.18 PM: Seehofer dispenses with facial recognition software for federal police +++

Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) does not want to allow the federal police to use facial recognition software in security-relevant locations. According to the DPA news agency, there is no longer any mention of this in a draft for the new federal police law, which went to the other federal government departments on Thursday for a vote.

In an older version of the draft, which is available at dpa, it was said that the federal police could “automatically compare data from image recording devices with biometric data”, which it would further process to fulfill its tasks or for which it was authorized to call it up. However, this only applies “as far as it concerns data from people who are advertised”. This passage has now been deleted. The new version only mentions the use of image recording devices.

+++ 4.58 a.m .: ADAC no longer fundamentally against speed limit on highways +++

In the debate about a speed limit on highways, the ADAC has given up its declining stance for decades. ADAC Vice President Traffic, Gerhard Hillebrand, told the DPA news agency in the run-up to the 58th traffic court in Goslar (29 to 31 January) that ADAC was “no longer fundamentally” against a speed limit. With a good 21 million members, the ADAC is the largest automobile club in Germany.

Speed ​​limit on German motorways? The subject divides the Republic.

“The discussion about the introduction of a general speed limit on motorways is emotionally conducted and polarized among the members,” said Hillebrand. “That is why the ADAC is currently not stipulating the question.” Objectification is urgently needed. The effects of a speed limit should be urgently clarified in a comprehensive study. “This would provide a reliable basis for decision-making.”

+++ 4.43 a.m .: Australia: Six firefighters have an accident +++

In Australia, six firefighters were seriously injured in a bushfire accident. Her fire truck crashed on Thursday evening in Eurobodalla, southeastern New South, the police said. The six-person crew was able to get out of the fire engine itself. The injuries are not life-threatening, it was said. The firefighters came to the hospital.

Firefighters fire roller

+++ 4.42 a.m .: South Korea reports second coronavirus infection +++

Health authorities in South Korea have reported an infection with the new lung disease that broke out in neighboring China for the second time. A 55-year-old South Korean was affected, said the Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The man returned from a work stay in the central Chinese city of Wuhan on Wednesday, where the origin of the outbreak is suspected. He had already visited a clinic there because he suffered from a sore throat and other symptoms of the disease. His condition is stable.

+++ 4.34 clock: Despite fatal accident: USA refuse extradition of diplomatic woman +++

The United States has refused to extradite a diplomat’s wife to Britain, which is said to be responsible for the death of a teenager in a traffic accident. The State Department in Washington justified the decision, said the woman had diplomatic immunity during her stay in Great Britain. If the US complied with the British extradition request, this would “set an extremely problematic precedent”.

The British government reacted “disappointed” to the decision. A spokeswoman for the Home Office in London said her government is now “urgently” considering what options she still has in the case.

+++ 4.33 p.m .: Germany accepted a good 400 migrants in 2019 +++

In the past few months, Germany has taken in 401 migrants who were rescued from distress in the central Mediterranean in 2019. This emerges from data from the Federal Ministry of the Interior. In addition, the Federal Republic has promised to accept another 249 boat migrants to the two southern EU states Italy and Malta. However, these people have not yet entered Germany.

The EU had major problems in rescue of private aid organizations last year. Italy and Malta refused to open their ports to the ships and asked for help in taking in the rescued. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) finally agreed on a preliminary procedure with his colleagues from France, Italy and Malta in September. Thereafter, the rescue ships should be allowed to moor in Italy or Malta. People should be distributed to other EU countries within four weeks. Most recently, Portugal, Luxembourg and Ireland also regularly participated in the process.

+++ 3.34 p.m .: Railway employees get new work clothes +++

More choice and different colors: Deutsche Bahn is currently dressing its employees with direct customer contact. After two test runs, a total of 43,000 train attendants, service employees, train drivers and bus drivers have a choice of up to 80 parts in blue and wine red, as the company announced. Previously, the train staff could be recognized by blue uniforms with bright red details. The design comes from designer Guido Maria Kretschmer.

Employees have been able to try on and order the new clothing since January, when production and delivery begin. The issue lasts until August, when the staff on the trains, buses and at the train stations are provided with it. A total of around 900,000 individual items of clothing are distributed. The company did not want to comment on the costs. The company clothing was last replaced 17 years ago.

+++ 3.06 clock: Because of the Benghazi attack: Libyans sentenced to long prison in the United States +++

A Libyan in the United States has been sentenced to almost 20 years in prison for the fatal attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012. The sentence for the 47-year-old Mustafa al-Imam was announced on Thursday by a federal judge in Washington. Among other things, Al-Imam was sentenced to 19 years and six months in prison for terrorist crimes.

Ambassador Chris Stevens, one of his employees, and two U.S. security forces were killed in the attack on September 11, 2012. Al-Imam was captured five years later by US troops in Libya. He said that he played an “important role” in the attack on the consulate, US Attorney Jessie Liu said on Thursday’s judge’s decision.

+++ 2.48 PM: Mexico: National Guard stops 1000 migrants +++

Again there have been clashes between migrants and security forces on Mexico’s southern border. An estimated 1,000 Central Americans crossed the Suchiate border river from Guatemala on Thursday. After running a few miles on the Mexican side, National Guard soldiers blocked their way. Stone was thrown by migrants and tear gas was used by the soldiers.

This also happened on Monday after around 500 people had crossed the low water of the river on foot. Most were arrested and a few went underground in Mexico.

+++ 2.33 PM: Altmaier calls for tax cuts for companies +++

Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier wants to make a new attempt to reform corporate taxes. The CDU politician told the DPA news agency: “We have to improve the framework conditions for companies so that they remain internationally competitive. Our companies need more air to breathe so that they can make the decisive investments in future technologies. This includes tax relief and cutting red tape.”

In addition, the new EU Commission must give priority to defusing existing trade conflicts. Altmaier has long been calling for lower corporate taxes and a complete abolition of the solidarity surcharge – but the SPD is against it.

+++ 2.24 PM: Mali: seven dead in attack on government troops +++

Seven soldiers were killed and several others injured in an attack on government troops in Mali. As the army of the West African country announced on Thursday, a position of government troops in the Mopti region near the border with Burkina Faso the day before had come under heavy fire from “unidentified” attackers. Local authorities and residents blamed Islamist militias for the attack.

The fighting continued for several hours, as a member of the security forces said. The attackers temporarily held the position in the Dioungani community. However, it was then recaptured by the government troops.

+++ 1.40 clock: Coronavirus: the number of fatalities and the infected increases +++

Seven new people have fallen victim to the new lung disease in China. A total of 25 deaths from infections with the coronavirus have now been detected, according to China’s national health authority. The number of known infections increased from 644 to 830 cases compared to the previous day. In the fight against the disease, China practically quarantined around 20 million people on Thursday shortly before the Chinese New Year. The authorities cordoned off the 11 million metropolis of Wuhan, in which the majority of cases occurred. Other large cities are also affected by severe restrictions.

+++ 1.18 PM: Özdemir: Do not let Erdogan blackmail you because of refugees +++

Cem Özdemir, a member of the Green Bundestag, has called on the EU not to be blackmailed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip on the issue of Syria refugees. Özdemir told the DPA news agency: “Together with our EU partners, we have to prepare for Erdogan to send a calculated number of more refugees to Europe over the course of the year. We must not pretend: Erdogan is using the refugee question as a lever to promote liberal democracies to destabilize. ” For the Turkish president, “a weak Europe is good news”. Özdemir also added: “Of course, the EU must help all neighboring countries in Syria to care for the refugees.”

+++ 0.23 PM: Jewish and Muslim dignitaries visit Auschwitz +++

A few days before the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, Muslim and Jewish dignitaries visited the former Nazi extermination camp together. The Secretary General of the Islamic World League, Mohammed Abdulkarim al-Issa, said on Thursday that the visit to the memorial was “a sacred duty and a great honor”. Together with other Muslims from all over the world, he knelt and prayed in front of the memorial to the murdered.

The historic Jewish visit was organized by the American Jewish Committee. Managing Director David Harris said never before had such high-ranking Muslim dignitaries visited Auschwitz or any other Nazi death camp.

+++ 0.04 PM: Turkey: Arrested lawyer worked in 59 German asylum procedures +++

The Turkish security authorities may have obtained data from more asylum seekers than previously known in the course of the arrest of a cooperation lawyer at the German embassy. A spokesman for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf) said that at the time of the arrest, the lawyer had had to deal with 59 asylum procedures that affected 113 people. First the daily newspaper “Die Welt” reported about it. In the course of the review, the initially mentioned number of 47 inquiries increased by 12 more, said the official spokesman.

“There are also indications that information on cases from 2018/2019 during investigative measures could have fallen into the hands of Turkish security forces,” it said. An intensive review is currently being carried out to determine which cases could be affected to ensure that any necessary measures are taken.


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