News | Two anti-wart products banned because of the risk of burns


By Provence (with AFP)

Warts are common ailments and to treat them, we often use liquids that we buy without a prescription, but these products are not innocuous: two were banned this Wednesday by the agency of the drug (ANSM) because of risk of accidental burns. These are the products Expert 1.2.3 Verrucas Cutafilm and Steripan Treatment Warts, liquids that must be applied to the wart for the "burn"and are contained in small flasks.

More than the liquids themselves, it is their conditioning that is in question: according to the ANSM, users who had spilled these bottles were victims of "second degree burns"after being exposed to the product by accident."Packaging in bottles of these corrosive solutions does not prevent the risk of overturning. In this context, the ANSM decides to withdraw them from the market"she said.

The bottles in question "must be reported in a pharmacy, drugstore or supermarket ".

In addition, the ANSM has decided to recall certain products of another brand, the bottles of Objectif Zero Verrue having a white stopper. "Accidental ingestions causing pharyngeal and esophageal lesions in infants have been reported following confusions with drugs with similar packaging", according to the Agency.

"In order to avoid any risk of confusion with other bottles, the manufacturer has changed the packaging since March 2019 and replaced the white cap with an orange cap. However, for safety reasons, bottles prior to this modification, that is to say with a white cap, must be brought back to their points of sale.", continues the ANSM.

The Agence du médicament points out that ZeroVerrue's objective "is not concerned"by the risk of accidental burn which motivated the prohibition of the two other products, because its vials are equipped with a safety device that prevents the liquid from spilling.


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