Related News Mustafa Khater: "I have worked for many needs .. carpenter, barber and tailor" after the publication of pictures of people similar to .. Mustafa Khater to "home": "I missed and I thought of them" in the presence of Mustafa Khater and meet Swedan .. "Education" discover the talents of private schools Mustafa Khater A video of Raza's band Marrakha: "We are the ones who invited us to Kiki" Mustafa Khater was a guest of the artist Ashraf Abdel Baki in the program "Cafe Ashraf" broadcast through the "life". The comedian, one of the funniest situations, was told when he was "confirmed" by a street thief and a friend, saying he was on the way to one of the apartments to see. He added: "Khater": "Harami told us to come to Maakoa Vokdna laugh when we need a place where we need to know him," followed: "Harami surprised and said Talaloa mobile phones." And Abizaid: "Mustapha Tala mobile is so old that we were hard on the harami, and we got rice with milk and a pack of cigarettes." The artist Mustafa Khater talked about the professions he worked in before entering the field of acting, saying that he worked in many trades and did not settle in one of them until he began acting on stage. He added that he worked as a carpenter, a sturgeon, a tailor, and a barber. He then worked as a talker for a long time because he loved to work with her, continuing: "Her love because we were not in the place. Mustafa Khater was born March 15, 1985. He is an Egyptian actor and director. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University. His artistic career began with a number of plays he gave during the university. Then he worked as a director with a group of symbols, which was presented with the play of the world and presented within the activities of the ninth session of the Festival of creative youth, and in the tenth session of the same festival introduced a play heard Abdel Samia by Abdel Karim Berchid and directed by Khater with a free band was also the premiere with Sarah Drzawi. He was widely acclaimed for participating in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth seasons of the Teatro Egypt series. News you may like

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