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News Vision "Wondering" begins to "charge" the accounts of some users … Are you lucky

Watsab announced the launch of three new business tools designed to connect businesses and businesses with users and facilitate communication between them, but at the same time will provide a direct source of income to the company through fees to be imposed on companies.

Wattabab is a tool for requesting information from companies, where users can request shipping information or a ticket or even provide a phone number on the site, which helps companies communicate directly with users through the application easily.

It also launched a conversation tool with companies, which enables users to communicate with the company by clicking the chat icon on its official website or via its Facebook page.

The third addition will be more corporate-specific to companies to provide users with support, changes in the company's business or provide information about their products, as well as solving customer problems through support.

Watsab says users will have full control over the messages, and that the new tools are safe to use and unobtrusive, as companies will pay for each message that reaches users through the application, which makes them pick messages.

Facebook aims to profit directly from the application, especially with the slow growth in the number of users in the recent period and the nature of the nature with Facebook or you are able to display ads. Of course, such tools can bring a lot of revenue to the company because of the size of users of the application, which reached 1.5 billion users.


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