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The former president of the National Association of Professional Soccer of Chile (ANFP) Sergio Jadue would have managed, once again, to delay the reading of the sentence of the New York court for his alleged participation in two cases of corruption known as “FIFAGate”, which in 2015 it caused a serious crisis in world football.

The businessman, on whom the acclaimed Netflix series “The President” is inspired, is considered the main informant of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), which would have offered him favorable judicial treatment in exchange for names and details of the crime. bribery plot revealed inside Fifa and Conmebol.

According to the local newspaper “El Mercurio”, this would be the fourteenth time that Jadue and his lawyer, William Brodsky, would have managed to get the New York court to once again accept a request asking for the verdict to be postponed and for an extra period of time to be opened. research.

The reading was scheduled for October 13, 2022, and according to the aforementioned publication it would have been delayed until April 2023.

In November 2015, Jadue, who lives in Miami, reached an agreement with the FBI in which he pleaded guilty to wire fraud in the sale of television rights to South American competitions and disclosing confidential information to judicial authorities about other top executives of FIFA and Conmebol.

Thanks to his statement and the investigation by the FBI, the American Justice demonstrated that the companies Full Play, Torneos and Traffic (later united under the name of Datisa) paid bribes to several members of the board of directors of the governing body of South American soccer and thus obtained the rights tournaments such as the Copa Sudamericana, the Copa Libertadores or the Copa América, among others.

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Apparently, Jadue, a baker from La Calera who agreed to the ANFP summit in the midst of an open war as president of his local club, would have participated in the plot until 2015, and on the eve of the expected re-election Sepp Blatter, the FBI called for the arrest of seven soccer officials in Switzerland.

The arrest unleashed the so-called “FIFAgate”, which shook world football and placed the Chilean businessman on the front line for his alleged involvement and collaboration with the FBI.