Nexo League Matchday 14 Recap: Ramboot, New Solo Leader

The fourteenth day of the Nexo League leaves us with a new leader: Ramboot. The robots played a key game against QLASHto which both arrived having given only one map, and they forcefully prevailed over the dragons. In the rest of the confrontations, it is worth highlighting a new win for Bis Esportswhich already adds up to five in a row, and Carbono’s winning debut with Valiants.

QLASH – Ramboot

Killer Robots Killer Than Ever. The battle for the lead is taken by Ramboot, in a very clean for their part, that they dominated from start to finish and that leaves them as the first solo.

Spectacular on earlygame of the jungle Thayger, that he was the MVP of the match and that he was tremendous with the ‘monkey’ Wukong, having a presence all over the map and always being where his team needed him. Ramboot was far ahead, who had an advantage of three thousand gold already at minute 15, and that he handled the map as he pleased. His ADC, Nash1c, also scratched kills everywhere with Tristana, and the Rift was beginning to be hell for QLASH.

At minute 24 all this advantage led to a teamfight robot-friendlyin which they took out a 4×0 and the Nashor. This meant three inhibitors in favor of Ramboot, a weight that QLASH could not deal with. Dragons stay second in qualifying with a score of 12-2, while Ramboot is the sole leader with a 13-1.

Bis Esports vs LK Gaming

Bis Esports continues unstoppablethe armadillos crushed the sharks in 27 minutes with a draft worth classifying as ‘LoL Champagne’with a Darius top and an Ekko in the midlane.

At minute 15 Bis he already had an advantage of more than five thousand gold, after a earlygame much more active on his part, in which both Bruno with Graves and Pimen with Ekko stood out (the midlaner 4/0 out of line). With the second herald of the game, the armadillos already managed to open the enemy base and take the first inhibitor, very tight match.

The accumulated advantage meant that they would take out the Nashor with relative easeand with this they managed to close a game that means their fifth win in a row and that serves to establish themselves as serious playoff candidates.

Phlox Gaming vs Kawaii Kiwis

Kawaii Kiwis does not fail and continues to hold third position. The Kiwis are also serious candidates to get into the final phase and fight for the title. Phlox, on the other hand, falls off the top of the table.

Shyelander with Graves kept the flowers in the gamewith a earlygame exquisite jungle, from which he came out with a score of 4/0. The game remained even throughout this first phase, although the scaling favored the composition of the Kiwis, who had a Camille and an Aphelios. Phlox got a Nashor that he didn’t get much out of and, after a teamfight in which Kaii played everything perfect with Aphelios and from which he drew a Triple Killthe game began to opt for the side of the birds.

The Kiwis took out the Nashor at minute 34 and began to open the enemy base, slowly drowning out Phlox’s team, until they finally managed to bring down the flower nexus.

Dead Rabbits vs. UCAM Academy

Duel between two teams from the bottom of the table that fell on the side of the rabbitsand that can help them to face this final of Split with better sensations.

Many surprises already in the Dead Rabbits Draftwith a very naughty composition and dedicated 100% to climbing, in which we saw a Vayne for Aleykxar, a Kayle mid, with which Nae will be key to victory, and a GP for Wenhao.This game was an account for UCAMa time bomb that every minute was closer to exploding. In the first phase of the game, UCAM won in kills, but lost in gold due to the difference in farm in the midlane and in the heating plant.

The game was progressing and the gold difference was constantly increasing in favor of the rabbitsas their lines continued to climb. We arrived at minute 30, ten thousand gold difference and a UCAM that could not do anything before the beastly escalation of the ‘non-living rabbits’who ended up closing the game with a backdoor shaking from Nae con Kayle.

StormBringers vs. Valiants

Valiants return to the path of victory after their two consecutive losses, in a rather rare game where Selenex scored a spectacular 1 vs 9 with Fiora. StormBringers still doesn’t know what it’s like to win in this second round and the chances of Playoff are far away for them.

It was a game that did not look good at any time for the brave team, who were behind on the gold marker the entire game, even when they dropped the nexus the disadvantage they had was four thousand. SB handled the game well, with Serch’s mid Tristana very fed and Emvipi’s Wukong very strong.but they were not able to deal with the Fiora of Selenex, who dedicated herself to splitpushear the whole game and that ended up being a real headache.

Valiants played it perfect in the Nashoraiming up They tried to force him and fight in the river area, cutting the backs, while Selenex burst 1 vs 1 at top enemy and the whole base.


Photo: Tormenta circuit

Only four days lefttwo Playoff places are already assured (Ramboot and QLASH), while for the other two there are still several candidates with options.