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Monday, 04/16/2018

In the coming week, the musician and graphic artist celebrates Klaus Voormann his 80th birthday. The echo for his life’s work, last Thursday from the hands of Wolfgang Niedecken received, he had regarded as a very special birthday present. Above all, he was pleased that not the sales figures, but his artistic achievement was appreciated.

But this award turns out to be “now a great disappointment,” as Voorman writes in a statement in which he announces the return of the prize. Voormann is considered one of the best bassists of his era. He worked with John Lennon, Lou Reed and Manfred Mann. He drew the cover for the Beatles album “Revolver”.

He deliberately took his time with the decision, read the texts of the controversial album by Farid Bang and Kollegah in order to form an informed opinion. With the return of the prize he wanted to “express his incomprehension to the responsibility and tastelessness of all responsible parties who have failed to draw consequences in time.”

Last Thursday, the two rapper Farid Bang and Kollegah had received an echo for their album “Young, brutal, good-looking 3”. On it you will find the lines “My body defined as by Auschwitzinsassen” and “Make again a Holocaust, come on with the Molotov”. At the end of the gala they celebrated with a song written for the show on the big stage.

In the video: Campino’s clear words against Kollegah

That had already provided harsh criticism in the run-up to and during the event. Foreign Minister Heiko Maas described the award ceremony subsequently as shameful. The Federal Association of the Music Industry as organizer announced a revision of the concept.

Criticism of “martial performance”

At the weekend that was the last year with the Echo Classic Young Award winner Notos Quartet in protest his prize back. On Monday Klaus Voormann followed.

In his statement Voormann goes to court with the music industry, because they not only awarded the prize, but the rappers also “a martial performance” at the gala have made possible. “To let my laudator and friend Wolfgang Niedecken and me run into such an open knife by shocking both of us and large parts of the Saale audience – even though we did not understand a text syllable – does not prove the appreciation of one Lifetime Achievement Award, “he writes.

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After the glitter comes the scandal

The singer expressed himself similarly Peter Maffay just a little later on his Facebook page. He calls for a resignation of those responsible: “Now to go over to the agenda, is not possible. There must be a work-up.”

Given the German past, the ceremony was a “slap in the face for democratic understanding in our country,” according to Maffay. In addition, the echo has developed into a pure marketing model. “It’s about money, market share and self-expression – the artists themselves are just extras.”


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