Next-Gen GPU Arm Architecture Delivers Approximately 2X Performance

During the Arm Limited DevSummit conference, the company talked about its next generation graphics devices. The corresponding solution is expected to be released in 2022, and it will provide about 2x performance gain over the current Arm Mali-G710 in FP32 computing. Compared to the 2018 Arm GPU, Arm’s latest GPU boasts nearly 5x faster compute speeds.

Ian Bratt, Senior Director, Technology for the ML Business, demonstrated the speed of machine learning using the latest Arm technologies. The next generation GPU architecture allows FP32 ML workloads to run 4.7x faster than the Mali-G76 graphics core when considering performance per core.

Next-Gen GPU Arm Architecture Delivers Approximately 2X Performance

It is not yet known how the new FP32 ML performance characteristics affect overall power efficiency and gaming in general. The Arm Mali G-710 GPU is noted to offer 35% higher machine learning performance and 20% higher graphics performance compared to the Mali-G78.

It is noted that the company provides an integrated approach, not only ramping up the raw GPU power.

“This is more than just adding instructions and enhancing hardware IP, we also need to provide software, tools and libraries to deliver this machine learning performance,” said Ian Bratt.

Source: wccftech

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