Next Primetime Special: Andy Borg goes to «Bares for Rares»


At the end of May, the ZDF junk show receives another edition in the main evening program. In midsummer, the Mainz station then promises a second special ??
“Bares for Rares”: Who watches the program? Overall, the ZDF reached “Bares for Rares” on Friday 26.9 percent market share. But in which age group was the format particularly popular? The exact evaluation shows that the program appeals to a wide audience – but especially with the older audience members is technically through the ceiling. While the 14- to 49-year-olds accounted for exactly 15 percent, the proportion of 50-64-year-olds was already 22.7 percent. By far the largest odds were posted by the viewers, who are 65 years old or older: ZDF scored here on Friday afternoon with a truly grandiose 39.8 percent. Even more background information on the quotas of the Friday broadcast you get on Tuesday in a special at success of «Bares for Rares» ► in the ZDF is unbroken: It was not until last Friday that the junk show turned on 3.34 million viewers in the afternoon, which meant an inconceivably good 26.9 percent of the total market. But not only in the afternoon is the program with Horst Lichter a huge success, also in primetime the format was last convincing. Three “Bares for Rares” special showed the ZDF last year, they reached in the top more than six million viewers. No wonder, then, that those responsible want to go on air again with “Bares for Rares” in prime time this year. As the ZDF has now announced, both in May and in July, each a new episode to be seen. Actually, a first primetime special will run on Thursday, May 31 at prime time at 8:15 pm. A celebrity ZDF could win for the participation in the show already: As the press release can be seen, pop singer Andy Borg wants to sell a more than 100 years old photo camera. The second primetime special will air a few weeks later on Thursday, July 12th. It starts here at 20.15 clock.
But back to the first special: In addition to Borg in this and the dealers Ludwig “Lucki” Hofmaier, Wolfgang Pauritsch, Susanne Steiger, Walter “Waldi” Lehnertz, Fabian Kahl, Julian Schmitz Avila and Elke Velten to be seen. As experts Heide Rezepa-Zabel, Albert Maier, Sven Deutschmanek and Detlev Kümmel. Steven Gätjen, who was part of the first primetime specials, will not be listed anymore.


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