NEXT WEEK, from Wednesday Wave of Rains, then Cold and even Snow. The Trend for November »

Weather: NEXT WEEK, from Wednesday Wave of Rain, then Cold and even Snow. The Trend for November

Weather forecast for next weekNext week will be full of twists. This is the confirmation that comes from the latest updates of our official APP, but beware, unfortunately the news will not be very positive: between heavy rains, cold and then even the name, nothing will be missing!

But let’s go in order to better understand what to expect, then drawing one trend on rainfall and temperatures for the rest of November.

Let’s start in our analysis from Tuesday 2 November, when apart from a few downsides on the Sardinia southwest and on the Liguria from the east, the weather conditions will rather remain stable and sunny thanks to a temporary recovery of the high pressure.
Be careful though, it will only be a flash in the pan: in fact, broadening our gaze to the entire European framework we can see a vast depression system pushed by cold and unstable currents ready to break into Italy.
During Wednesday 3 we expect a decided worsening of the weather, with the risk of heavy rains and thunderstorms on a good part of the Center-North, caused by abreaking in of cold air from Northern Europe which will also cause a sharp drop in temperatures, especially on the northern regions, with the more than concrete possibility of a abundant snow return over the Alps.
According to the latest updates, the flakes could go as far as the 1300/1400 meters of altitude whitening localities such as Breuil-Cervinia (TO), Livigno (SO) e Madonna of Campiglio (TN).

In the rest of the week the bad weather should insist on the regions of the Center and in Sardinia, with new thunderstorms, even of strong intensity, alternating with some drier breaks.

But the surprises don’t end there: looking even further ahead, indicatively from Monday 8 November, the possibility emerges of the return of high pressure in a big way. If everything were confirmed, the traditional would have been needed Indian summer (11 November), or that autumn period in which, after a first cold blitz, climatic conditions of good weather and relative warmth occur.
We will be able to talk about it in the next updates as the evolution could undergo new shocks.

Next week: from Wednesday 3/11 the rains, cold and snow will return in the AlpsNext week: from Wednesday 3/11 the rains, cold and snow will return in the Alps