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Neymar discusses extension with PSG reveals his father

Posted at 14:05 by Fabien Borne – Published at 14:43

Neymar discusses extension with PSG reveals his father

Announced on the departure of PSG at each mercato, Neymar has three years of contract in Paris and according to his father, he could even extend the adventure with the Paris club.

While the Spanish and even French press begin to feed the soap opera Mbappé at Real Madrid, France Football announcing this Monday that the prodigy of Bondy will be the subject of a 280 million euros merengue club this summer, Neymar sees him a little spared by the rumors in recent days. Probably because the Brazilian is injured for a few weeks.

In a long interview with UOL Esporte, his father has in any case dropped a small bomb announcing Monday that he was discussing extension with the PSG: "There has been speculation about him since he was 17, since he became a professional Neymar has been transferred only twice, but it's been 10 years since there were rumors about him. Probably he does not leave (PSG) is very big.It is in his second year of contract, so he still has three years and we are even already talking about an extension with the PSG.

A news that should delight supporters of PSG, a little less the finances of the Paris club since Neymar already receives about 36 million euros per year to the PSG and presumably it will not extend without a small pay rise to the key .

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In any case, his father takes the numerous rumors surrounding his son with philosophy and a certain pleasure and indirectly serves his interests: "People say," Neymar is in every rumor of transfer to big clubs at every transfer window. "That means there's good management of his career, he's still among the names that matter. There's a big transfer, we're talking about him, thank God, but that does not mean he's going to go to a club or another. "


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