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NFL Billboard 2019: Josh Allen is the first choice, while we wait for the decision of Kyler Murray

The 2019 NFL Draft is a little over three months away, but for the moment, generic bogus designs at the top will look pretty similar. The Arizona Cardinals might decide that Jonah Williams is the best choice to protect Josh Rosen, but it's mostly Nick Bosa and Josh Allen who occupy the first two places.

Today, Monday, January 14, is the deadline for signers to declare the draft. I put together Alex, Greg, and Josh to put together seeming designs of the top ten tips because we know what the available subclasses look like. They also made an explanation for their choice of the San Francisco 49ers. In the end they had the same selection, the Kentucky Randrusher Josh Allen, so we take a look at three opinions to him.

Allen is likely to be a 49ers pick in mock-drafts for much of this off-season, but one thing that could shake that up is when Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray decides to draft. I would still be surprised if he were # 1, but he adds a wildcard to the process.

Murray was drafted by the Oakland A & S and approved the signing bonus of US $ 4.66 million. He agreed to this before a breakout season in 2018, which earned him the Heisman trophy. He intended to stay in baseball, but his obvious love of football, coupled with a monster season, may have changed that. He is about to meet with the A & # 39; s to find out how to get a better guarantee from baseball. As a first choice decision, he would earn more money from the gate than in baseball, and he would be guaranteed a shot in the NFL. As a baseball draft pick, he was guaranteed the signing bonus, but he would probably be taking minibuses for at least a few years.

There are all sorts of rumors about what Murray has demanded from the A & # 39; s. There was a first report that he wanted 15 million dollars, but that has since been reported as false. The two sides are working with MLB to find out how to figure out if this is a place on the 40-man squad right in front of the goal (and thus fewer options to keep him from free-choice) or Decide on what some of the Cuban players will land with more money in advance and the better chance of getting into the big leagues quickly.

In any case, this was a fascinating story. Normally the players are the Chattel and they have few possibilities, much influence to take. I do not know what Murray will bring out in the end, but I love when a player has some influence in an unexpected situation. Hold the owner's feet to the fire!

On to our 49ers Picks and then the three dummy designs!

Alex iron

Provided the Arizona Cardinals pick Nick Bosa and do not go for Coco Puffs, choosing Kyler Murray leaves the San Francisco 49ers with an unbelievable consolation prize. It is no secret that the 49ers need a passport threat. It is by far the most important need, and after the quarterback, it may be the next most important position, especially in today's pass-friendly NFL.

Josh Allen looks more and more for the exact perspective the 49ers can use in their defense system. Allen has a relentless engine and the ability to attack from the edge. Allen has a natural blend of burst, length, and flexibility that's capable of putting a lot of stress and pressure on offensive attacks. I am absolutely thrilled with his reach and his ability to make and end games that go far beyond the pocket and out of the box. He plays with constant urgency and will not let up during the game. Allen is loose and flowing in the hips, which helps with his initial bursting and moving feet. After all, his versatility is second to none as he has had to assume multiple responsibilities throughout the season.

Nick Bosa could be the crown jewel of this design class, but Allen is breathing down the neck. This should be a straightforward option for a team that lacks a constant threat of pass-time. Josh Allen is a day one, a blue chip pick who has a top-ten lockout in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Greg Valerio

With the selection of Josh Allen, the 49er finally get their edge presence. Allen has shown that he can improve during his college years, and he has grown from a 210-pound freshman to one of the best defenders in college football. The explosive Allen shows tremendous versatility with the ability to rush, set the limits, and provide effective coverage, showing fluidity in space and impressive bursts of consciousness.

Right outside the gates Allen is a dominant supporter of SAM. However, it would be a mistake to introduce it into the SAM, and I believe that with the advancement of technology, refinement, and the development of further passport-hurry moves and increased functional power, the upper limit is high for everyone as an elite border target. Explosion is Allen's topic as he creates tremendous power to break out of the scrimmage line and shoot down his impressive, thick and muscular body with his opponents with violent flashes at the point of attack and sheer acceleration from the edge. His speed and curvature from the edge is impressive, as Allen shows outstanding athleticism with good work in progress, excellent burst and second gear to close, amazing first step behind the line, fair hands with decent pop at the point of impact, impressive suddenness, and the balance and body control that comes out of the bend of his curve, adapts with ease and uses its length, which is hit with the explosion. A high caliber athlete with a strong work ethic, Allen's journey to the 49ers and his fan base, is welcomed with open arms. Do not stop believing!

Josh Eccles

I can not tell you how I tried to place Sooner's quarterback Kyler Murray in the first overall selection. For newly hired head coach Kill Kingsbury, it would be utter madness to think about Murray being selected by Arizona, but it's an entertaining scenario, especially given that Nick Bosa would land the safest in red and gold ,

If we're trying to base that sham on what's most likely to happen in reality, Kentucky's Josh Allen makes the most sense. After Bosa, he is the purest and most talented pass rusher on the market, providing San Francisco with a defender capable of reaching competing quarterbacks.

It is also possible that some quarterback-needy teams are trying to swap to No. 2 and get into Dwayne Haskins. If I am John Lynch, I would consider nothing less than a king's ransom. Supporting the pass storm is much too important to prevent picks, unless the offer is too good to get around it.

NN Sham, 9/14

Pick team Josh Eccles Greg Valerio Alex iron
Pick team Josh Eccles Greg Valerio Alex iron
1 Arizona Cardinals Nick Bosa, DE – Ohio State Nick Bosa, DE – Ohio State Nick Bosa, DE – Ohio State
2 San Francisco 49ers Josh Allen, DE / OLB – Kentucky Josh Allen, DE / OLB – Kentucky Josh Allen, DE / LB Kentucky
3 New York Jets Quinnen Williams, DE – Alabama Quinnen Williams, DE – Alabama Quinnen Williams, DT – Alabama
4 Oakland Raiders Greedy Williams, CB – LSU Clelin Ferrell, DE – Clemson Clelin Ferell, DE – Clemson
5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Clelin Ferrell, DE – Clemson Greedy Williams, CB – LSU Greedy Williams, CB – LSU
6 New York Giants Ed Oliver, DT, Houston Dwayne Haskins, QB – Ohio Jonah Williams, OT – Alabama
7 Jacksonville Jaguars Dwyane Haskins, QB – Ohio Daniel Jones, QB – Duke Dwyane Haskins, QB – Ohio
8th Detroit Lions Devin White, LB – LSU Ed Oliver, DT – Lions Devin White, LB – LSU
9 Buffalo Bills Jonah Williams, OT – Alabama Jonah Williams, OT – Alabama Ed Oliver, DT, Houston
10 Denver Broncos Rashan Gary, DT, Michigan Byron Murphy, CB – Washington Rashan Gary, DT, Michigan


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