NFL: Jordan Mailata makes huge impression in first start for Philadelphia Eagles

Australia’s newest NFL money man, former Bankstown boy Jordan Mailata, has revealed the first thing he’ll do after signing a mammoth $100m contract.

Jordan Mailata knows exactly what he’s going to do now he’s got the opening game of the NFL season done and his mammoth $108m contract with the Philadelphia Eagles signed.

“I’ve been wanting to buy my parents a house, I can finally do that,” the hulking offensive lineman and former NRL prospect said after playing his role in the Eagles’ 32-6 thumping of the Atlanta Falcons on Monday morning.

The 24-year-old, who grew up in Bankstown, said getting a four-year contract extension with the Eagles, which he signed on Saturday before his first game in the starting line-up, with almost $40m guaranteed, was almost surreal.

“I think it is a movie,” he said.

“I’m just waiting for someone to say cut, then all the lights come down.

“Obviously, it’s an incredible feat. I’m extremely blessed to have gotten that extension.

“Everyone (at home) called me ‘Big Money’. I told them not to call me that. I’m trying to take it day by day … keep getting better, one per cent better every day. I strongly believe in that.

“That’s the same attitude I am going to keep going with no matter how I am getting paid. That’s just me.”

Taken as a seventh-round draft prospect in 2019, Mailata’s rise has been spectacular, from minutes off the bench last season to being named the preferred starter in a key position.

He did his best not to get caught up in the euphoria of such a life-changing moment, knowing he had a game to play one day later.

“It came quickly. I didn’t want to know anything about it until they had something concrete with my agents,” he said.

“Once they came back with an offer, it happened so fast. Thursday came around, they had something, but Friday we agreed and Saturday was the signing.

“There are enough people reminding me of the contract situation. I was putting it on hold. I wanted to focus on the game.”

Mailata said his performance against the Falcons “wasn’t a clean game”.

But his impact was undeniable in a bone-crunching hit on Atlanta’s Richie Grant.

“I was just doing my job,” Mailata said of the big hit.

“I had that play earlier in the week and my timing wasn’t right. When we called that play out in the huddle, I knew what I had to correct.

“The timing had to be perfect. Just bee-lining it and bury someone if you get the opportunity.”

Fellow Australian and Eagles teammate, punter Arryn Siposs, also earned high praise after his NFL debut.

Eagles insider Dave Spadaro said Siposs was “spot on”.

“Remember, it was his first regular-season game after spending last season on the Detroit practice squad,” Spadaro said.

“Siposs was spot on punting and flawless in the holding game.”