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NFL Week 2 game picks: Jags upps Pats; Vikings over Packers

Lots to weigh in the second week …

Injuries and sloppiness.

Both were features of the first week, and frankly, they will stay current in the coming weeks. With the current CBA, which limits training time throughout the year – and many coaches who avoid keeping eye contact with their predecessors during the preseason – health and disorder in September have become important issues. So many players had to make light changes in the first week fast,

Game schedules also come into play here. SiriusXM's Pat Kirwan pointed out that the Eagles have nine days to prepare for their second game in Tampa, which is important given how many Buccaneers can use that extra time – like former Philly DeSean Jackson the 1st week. And do not forget "Thursday night football". Ravens and Bengal's players, who have just returned to this mysterious fad "Football Shape", have just four days after the season opener for another game to hit the gridiron. We will see how that works.

On to other things …

No underestimation of the Redskins anymore – from me or Baldy:

Speaking of Redskins …

Lawrence refers to my list of the top five games at Lambeau, which I introduced in this week's Power Rankings intro. And yes, Lawrence, I'm with you. That's why I have this game in my personal vault. Many of the documentary films we produce here are from recordings in my collection. Like this one:

As for these chiefs, see below how I expect them in Pittsburgh three decades later. Special teams could dictate the outcome in Panthers Falcons, as well as Ravens-Bengals. Your recordings are always special, so send with: @HarrisonNFL,

Elliot Harrison went 11-4-1 for his predictions for week 1. How will he go in week 2? His tips are below.


Baltimore Ravens 24, Cincinnati Bengal 20

20:20 ET (NFL Network) | Paul Brown Stadium (Cincinnati)

Pretty juicy matchup, even if these franchises do not have the "national" fan bases. As you may know, last year Andy Dalton silenced the audible playoff dreams of Ravens fans for the fourth and last time. Now both teams are 1-0 and have solid defenses. Baltimore, however, is better on this side of the ball and should remind Joe Mixon quite early that these are not the Colts he plays.

Key pairs: The Ravens offensive against a strong Cincy front and the Bengals' Corps against a Jimmy Smith-less defensive backfield.


Atlanta Falcons 23, Carolina Panthers 17

13.00 pm ET (FUCHS) | Mercedes-Benz Stadium (Atlanta)

At home this week, the Falcons have raised their record and may even pull with all in NFC South. With the 0: 1 Saints hosting the Browns and the 1: 0 Bucs hosting the defending champions, there's a tremendous chance each team in the division will win 1-1 after this weekend. Both Carolina (1-0) and Atlanta have been trapped (Atlanta has left Dion Jones and Keanu Neal in injured reserve, while Carolina has to live without Greg Olsen and Daryl Williams for a long time), reflecting on the pre-season strategy of sitting everyone leaves. Julio Jones has destroyed the Panthers in front of the house residents. So James Bradberry has to play at the highest level. Ditto Panthers collateral Since there's Norris Searcy and Mike Adams, who are inevitably asked to cover Jones. Expect Falcons to support Devonta Freeman (if he can go) and especially Tevin Coleman to be bigger factors than in the Kickoff Game loss for the Eagles.

Washington Redskins 28, Indianapolis Colts 14

1 pm ET (CBS) | FedExField (Landover, Md.)

Do not see the Colts heading east this weekend. The running game is crippled by a newly improved Redskins front featuring these Alabama defensive tackles. Andrew Luck will often come under pressure, especially if Anthony Castonzo is still not right. On the other side of the ball, Alex Smith will not give free giveaways. The Redskins' wide audience is not the scariest in the league, but they is Otherwise, if the end of the Jordan Reed is healthy. This could also be another productive matchup for Adrian Peterson. # 2-0

Houston Texans 22, Tennessee Titans 21

1 pm ET (CBS) | Nissan Stadium (Nashville)

I'm driving with the Road Team this week. Could see Tennessee getting a late field goal to win but that would require Marcus Mariota to lead a clutch time ride. We have not seen so much of him at this level, partly because of the Titans' approach, but maybe because Mariota did not move forward as a productive passer-by. Anyway, he is crazy and without his top goal, while Houston Deshaun Watson had to account for the loss of the Patriots and was determined to make a 180. Given Houston's defense style, this should be a Dion Lewis game.

Philadelphia Eagles 21, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16

13.00 pm ET (FUCHS) | Raymond James Stadium (Tampa, Florida)

Consider this result as a proclamation: A) The Eagles offensive will fight again, Sans Alson Jeffery, and B) Ryan Fitzpatrick will come back against a championship-tested defense. Philadelphia has the ability to turn his defensive line, which should give Tampa's O-Line many problems. That's why it's important that the running game led by Bucs Peyton Barber play more of a role this weekend than in New Orleans. That is, unless Fitzy starts Mike Evans, Kevin House and Jimmie Giles with long balls. Sorry, went back a few decades. It would be nice if Nick Foles could join on long own ball. It was a minute. It will also have been nine days since Philadelphia probably started preparing for this meeting.

Pittsburgh Steelers 30, Kansas City Chiefs 28

1 pm ET (CBS) | Heinz Field (Pittsburgh)

What an interesting matchup is that. Both teams have explosive offenses, though the Steelers gave the ball to the passing of the other team (with no punt) more than they could score in Cleveland last week. As for the Chiefs, they had scored 28 points on the 2000 Ravens D in Carson on Sunday in recent years. Remember the K.C. The track team will slow down from an all-round sprint to a fast jog at Heinz Field. On the other hand, the Chiefs could procure 28 pieces by the middle of the second quarter. Pittsburgh has to make Patrick Mahome uncomfortable, something the Joey Bosa-less Chargers would not do in Week One. The Le Veon Bell-James Conner convection will be too much for a shaky Chiefs defense. Check this: The James Conner Solo Tour will be too much.

New York Jets 27, Miami Dolphins 10

1 pm ET (CBS) | MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, N.J.)

The Victory Tour of the Dolphins ends in Week 2. Also, do not be overreacting to the demolition of the lions by the jets in Detroit. Pound for pound, New York's roster is certainly comparable to Miami, including quarterback. If Miami is to win the road, Kenyan Drake will have to take advantage of the so-called Jets' OLBs, and Frank Gore will have to produce high-quality yards, even if he only spends 50 points on the game. A factor that could make this a much closer competition: Gang Green's runner-up, caught Monday night and still waiting for Marcus Maye to make his debut in 2018. After all, this is a short week for this group. That's OK. J-E-T-S … Jets, Jets, Jets.

Los Angeles Chargers 26, Buffalo Bills 14

1 pm ET (CBS) | New Era Field (Orchard Park, N.Y.)

The Bills have a quick start in this game with some defensively-fueled scores. (I see a Tre # Davious White-Pick-six.) Then Philip Rivers and the Chargers move. Love what the little-known RB Austin Ekeler adds to the device. Sure, it looks like Buffalo will not have to face Joey Bosa – but the Bills offensive is not ready to take advantage of it. An area that Buffalo should definitely attack (or To attempt attack) is the middle of the bolts. Give the chicken-wired offensive line a chance to meet people and get into the flow of the game. Give LeSean McCoy, who has not achieved much in Baltimore, the Rock (like 30 times?). Of course it is a bit difficult for a running back to get 44 points behind the pitch. Josh Allen will be able to improve his performance in his debut. Let's hope this deal works better than the last time Buffalo QB made its first career start against the Chargers.

Minnesota Vikings 22, Green Bay Packers 17

13.00 pm ET (FUCHS) | Lambeau Field (Green Bay, Wisconsin)

The Visiting Vikings meet to win at Lambeau against a humped Aaron Rodgers (another if in week 2). It will not be easy. Kirk Cousins ​​will meet better staff in the back seven than he saw in the coverage of the Niners last week. Minnesota's own buns will show a much more talented passing game. Make no mistake, this is an incredibly important game in NFC North, regardless of the week. After the Lions stinked the joint last Monday night and took the lead against the Chicago and Minnesota division threats 2-0, the result for Green Bay would be huge. But the Packers need to get something out of the running game, which is not easy for this strained Viking defense. Minnesota can compete against each other across the board any Offense. Bryan Bulaga visits Everson Griffen one week after his visit to Khalil Mack. Oh boy!

New Orleans Saints 34, Cleveland Browns 20

13.00 pm ET (FUCHS) | Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans)

Look for the saints to get back on track. (I hate this sentence almost as much as the defense of New Orleans, which was repeatedly marched last week by Tampa Bay.) The Browns are better offensive than a year ago. That said, QB Tyrod Taylor can not afford to be inaccurate this week. The Bucs ousted the saints in their own place because Ryan Fitzpatrick joined with his recipients. It's not about possibilities in this matchup; The game is defined by lost Opportunities. Otherwise it would be the isolation of Cleveland's dream to reach week 3 without loss. I'm sorry, I'm just listening to Megadeth.

San Francisco 49ers 29, Detroit Lions 21st

16:05 ET (FOX) | Levi's Stadium (Santa Clara, California)

It looks like the Lions start with 0-2. In an important game for both teams, the 49er should prevail at home. While Jimmy Garoppolo put pressure on the Vikings last week (three sacks), there were other times when he had enough time to throw. Comparing the Detroit Pass rush with the Minnesota Pass Rush is how, Comparable Barry Sanders with Jim Kleinsasser. Apart from the fact that the advantage for the Lions is going in the wrong direction (and I love Jim Kleinsasser). On the other side of the ball, the biggest disappointment of Detroit's blowout loss to the jets (four tips aside from Matthew Stafford) was the offensive line game – which was considered team strength. Detroit gained little grounding. But the Lions can not just put the whole game on the quarterback.

Los Angeles Rams 31, Arizona Cardinals 13

16:05 ET (FOX) | Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (Los Angeles)

Last Sunday, the Cardinals could not do anything offensively. Last Monday, the Rams were just warming up. I would expect Arizona L.A. DC Wade Phillips to have a steady diet from David Johnson to ease the defense of Phillips. Arizona will also want to increase the game speed. That was a problem that the Raiders had in LA's "Monday Night Football" division: their offensive stalled in the second half, and Oakland did not spend any time off the clock, which led to the defense over multiple drives retired. If the cardinals believed they saw a good stammerer in their first game against the Redskins and Adrian Peterson, wait until they get a load of # 30. Oh, yes, you've already seen him – and this Rams offense.

Jacksonville Jaguars 17, New England Patriots 14

16:25 ET (CBS) | TIAA Bank Field (Jacksonville, Fla.)

This jerk has made my "Top 18 Games of the 2018 Season" in April. It's a tempting matchup that should be passed on to Wire – unless the Jaguar's defense absolutely controls the engagement. In other words, if the Patriots are to win, it will be in tight competition, with Tom Brady building a couple of clutch drives in the fourth quarter. But if Jacksonville plays his best football in front of the rough DUUUUUVAL residents – and Leonard Fournette is healthy – this game could be ugly for Bill Belichick's group. None of the broad recipients of the Pats is better than the Jags. Put Jalen Ramsey on Rob Gronkowski to counter this strategic advantage. So, what's the problem with this prediction and the score? The uncertainty of Fournette's Achilles tendon.

Denver Broncos 23, Oakland Raiders 20

16:25 ET (CBS) | Broncos Stadium at Mile High (Denver)

The Raiders will turn up, but will a strong road effort be enough? Case Keenum has been much more cautious with football in the past than last week. Although his Viking season 2017 was statistically a bit of an anomaly for the Broncos' quarterback, he had a TD-to-INT ratio of 22: 7 – one of the best in the league. His percentage of professional qualifications (interceptions divided by passport tests) is a remarkable 2.3 percent. There will be no giveaways. Oakland should play directly on this Denver front to neutralize the Pass Rush something. Miller injured the Seahawks. Players I want to see more: Rookie Broncos RB Phillip Lindsay, who is perhaps the best that Vance Joseph has.

New York Giants 28, Dallas Cowboys 24

20:20 ET (NBC) | AT & T Stadium (Arlington, Texas)

The Giants thwart Dallas house opener. That's exactly what they did nine years ago – also in the second week, also on "Sunday Night Football" – at the grand opening of Jerry World (somehow). Hard to believe that it has been many years since the palatial football stadium was opened. Unfortunately, the stadium with all its wounds is not an enemy environment for visiting teams dar. It is as if the teams would like to play there. Big Blue won there in a defensive slugfest – and in the first start of Dak Prescott – in 2016. The G-Men will probably play eight against Dallas in the pits – even on a few obvious passages, much like the Panthers in Week 1, Daring Prescott to beat her in the air. The Saquin Barkley-Ezekiel Elliott RB duel is pretty radical. Dallas needs that win more than the Giants, given the cowboys' timing and perception in some corners that they're already done. In the meantime, New York has to close the deal, unlike last week.


Chicago Bears 27, Seattle Seahawks 24

20:15 ET (ESPN) | Soldier Field (Chicago)

Russell Wilson sets Seattle in motion when it's late too little too late, Despite the collapse in Lambeau, I like this bear team. The running game is absolutely legitimate. Tarik Cohen is Darren Sproles 2.0 in the pass and run sections of this offensive, while the quality O-Line gets it all going. And Chicago's defense will end up in the top seven. Book it. The question mark is Mitch Trubisky, and if you believe that a tweet that shows him missing shows that a wide-open receiver is an indicator of his entire game, you miss the point. Windows is fast closing in the NFL, and he could have played it safe – d. H. Try not to turn the ball over. That's good for young QBs. Even Wilson played it safe early in his career. In this game, Wilson will need his line of defense to thrive as well as his offensive line to force Chicago into second-and-longs.

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