Nicas in the USA UU support protests


Nicaraguans living in different cities of the United States (USA) have organized to support citizen demonstrations started 53 days ago in Nicaragua, and exert international pressure to achieve democratization and justice in Nicaragua.
Hundreds of Nicaraguans living in the US UU They participate since April in marches and sit-ins, raising their voices against the administration of President Daniel Ortega, and sending messages of support for civil resistance.
Hooded kill young
“A week after the protests began, all Nicaraguans began to self-summon, there have been sit-ins in Boston, New Jersey, in front of the Consulate of New York, this one in favor of the fallen,” explained Juan García, Esteliano with 17 years of residence. in Hudson, New York.

The demonstrations are being carried out to exert pressure on the international community, from which they expect an energetic position in the face of the democratic crisis in Nicaragua. They are also platforms from which they are demanding justice for the deaths due to the repression exercised by the authorities, mobs and vigilante groups. Until Friday the agencies accounted for 135 deaths, but in the last hours new fatalities are reported and the figure could reach 140 this weekend.
By cities
The autoconvocados on American soil have been organized by cities to create alliances with the Nicaraguans that inhabit the different States. In the Northeast of the US UU it is called the SOS Committee for Nicaragua, in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts; in the center, Virginia and Washington, it is called the Nicaraguan Democratic Alliance (ADN) and in Florida they called themselves Solidarity with Nicaragua.
One dead and several injured, including children, in clashes in Masaya
“We live in the Northeast of the US. UU and even if we have to travel two, three or four hours to support the activities, we will continue to do so; supporting and supporting young people and all Nicaraguans who fight for freedom, “said Lloyd Josefina Moreno, originally from the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast.

Juan García, representative of the SOS Committee for Nicaragua, reported that they are working on a resolution “that will be introduced to the United Nations Organization, through a church that has an office within that organization.” García explained that he could not reveal the content of the document until it is final.
Student Movement April 19th leaves the facilities of the Upol i
In the case of Nicaraguans living in Boston and Queen County, New York, they work in the organization of charity events to send support to students and protesters who guard dams, among others.

“We are all contributing a bit of everything and the impressive thing is that those of us who have spoken here are pure Nicaraguans. Until the sale of food is being made to collect funds and send them to young people to support them, “said Garcia.
“We are doing this struggle and we will continue to do it because we have families who are suffering the consequences of repression,” he added.


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