The mayor of Nice LR Christian Estrosi announced Saturday to cancel a wedding ceremony that was to take place in the day, after a smoke jet on a police station, during the passage of the bridal procession. The police said they had two arrests.

"After the numerous traffic violations of a motorcade, the use and the smoke throw on the police station Auvare, I gave instructions not to celebrate a wedding planned today, under the charter signed by the future spouses, "said the elected. "Given the seriousness of the offenses", he did not "wish to indicate the date of postponement" of the marriage.

Another participant questioned for outrages. The smuggler, a 26-year-old Marseillan who was driving one of the carriages of the motorcade, was detained in an open investigation for "intentional violence with a weapon by destination against a person public authority, "said a police source. He recognized the throwing of the smoke over the wall of the precinct and his Mercedes was seized. Another participant in the marriage was also arrested, for contempt, after insulting the police and placed in custody.

Five marriages canceled under the marriage charter. On 2 September, a marriage had already been postponed following a number of traffic violations and the endangering of others by another marriage procession. It was then the fifth wedding ceremony canceled under this charter of marriages, denounced as discriminatory and electioneering by the left opposition in Nice. Enacted in 2012 in Nice, the charter commits the bride and groom "not to disturb the tranquility, tranquility and solemnity of the moment". It still forbids them to deploy "flags, especially foreign".


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