Nice: Manon Fiorot becomes first amateur world champion of MMA


La Niçoise Manon Fiorot (right) is the first French champion of the amateur world of MMA. – J. Brondani
At 27, Manon Fiorot participated in the world championships in Bahrain.
The amateur MMA, unrecognized in France, provides three rounds of three minutes.

She started with karate. Then boxing-Thai and kickboxing. At 27 years old, the Nicoise Manon Fiorot seems to have found her discipline queen. In Bahrain, she became the first French world champion amateur MMA.

It took two fights to Azureenne to overcome, in late November, his opponents. “In the final, I was facing a more experienced girl,” she recalls. My technique made the difference. I managed to stay up and box up. ”

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The amateur MMA is not based on the same competition format as the professional MMA. Not recognized in France, this discipline provides three rounds of three minutes at an international tournament. Athletes are wearing larger gloves than professional size. And they put on shin guards and foot guards. “Also, we are not paid, explains Manon Fiorot. I have been doing amateur MMA for a year. It’s a stepping stone to becoming a professional. ”

Thanks to this world title, the resident of Boxing Squad of Nice has won a contract with an English organization that will allow him to advance on the path of professionalization. “It’s been a while since I dream of that. This title is the embodiment of years of work, “she says. In March, Manon Fiorot will take part in a final competition with his amateur status. It will be a European Championship of MMA, “to settle the last details” … before becoming a pro.

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