Nice: municipal police in schools

Nice: municipal police in schools

Nice children will have to get used to it. Now in front of their school, there will be a police officer every day. A device security set up by the city. In front of one of the three test establishments, the measure does not convince all the parents. ” Reassuring “and” protective ” for some, ” children should not be scared either “Unarmed police officers need to conduct morning patrols, safety drills, or prevention. On the teacher side, the measure is not unanimous. ” We can think that this will create a climate a little anxiety in schools. […] colleagues may have something else to do than to explain why there is a police officer “denounces Gilles Jean, SNUIPP departmental secretary of the Alpes-Maritimes, some police unions also fear that with this measure schools become a target.This device will be tested until next July.If it is positive, it could be extended to all schools that wish. The JT Other topics of the JT Read also Related topics

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