Nice: We went to the exit of one of the schools “secure” by municipal policemen


Parents of students were divided on this initiative – Mr Frénois / ANP / 20 Minutes
Municipal police officers have been posted in three schools in Nice since Monday and for a three-month experiment.
The initiative, validated by the Ministry of National Education with unarmed agents, divides the parents of students.

When her daughter returned home that Monday afternoon, she asked him a whole series of questions. Not really worried, rather intrigued, the little niçoise wondered about the presence of a police in his school. “It does not bother me, says his mother Souad. But other children were a little afraid, we had to explain to them. ”

Since this Monday, the city of Nice is conducting an unprecedented experiment in France in three of its schools, she asked not to reveal the names. Until June, three municipal police officers, “specially trained” according to the town hall, will provide a security mission.

“If she is not armed, she will not be able to do anything”

In front of the portal of one of the three schools concerned, this Monday afternoon, the initiative divided the parents of students. ” I’m against. A policeman inside a school, aside from worrying the children, I do not see the interest, “says Hannane.

Calls for testimonials: Municipal policemen in schools, what do you think? via @ 20minutesNice – 20minutesnice (@ 20minutesnice) April 16, 2018

If Sébastien is also skeptical it is because the policewoman present in the establishment of her child, in the yard at the time of the exit of classes, does not carry a pistol. “If she is not armed, she will not be able to do anything,” he regrets. The Minister of National Education has indeed given his agreement only for an unarmed test.

“There should be police officers in all institutions”

Some parents totally approve the project. “We see so many horrible things … This police presence, it’s very good, very reassuring, especially when we know that we have family inside,” says Jean-Michel came to find his godson in this establishment of the downtown Nice.

“Police everywhere is logical,” continues Christian. I am anti-terrorist. And there should be police in all the establishments. “It is precisely the project of the Mayor of Nice that hopes to extend the device to 160 other schools in the city.

If, and only if, the experimentation was conclusive and also if the schools are voluntary. “There may be some who say ‘we do not want it’ and we will not do it. It’s not the menu imposed, it’s a la carte, “said Christian Estrosi, Friday.

Teachers’ unions (Snuipp-FSU, CGT Educ’action, Se-Unsa), a federation of parents of students (the CIPF), as well as the MPRT, a union of municipal police officers, criticized the initiative.

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