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Nicholas Xuereb does everything for those who n'have nothing


The secretary-general of the federation to the Vienna of the Secours populaire deploys boundless energy in the service of others. The human first.

Albigensian heart of the faithful. At 36 years of age, the child of the Tarn arrived at Poitiers at the adolescent is a young man who has kept his roots sing-song accent, the loquacity fertile, and the warm contact. The geographer, who has obtained, at the end of the course at the university of Poitiers, a master’s degree in international migration, has put the human first and the solidarity above all. Against the winds of crisis and in the tides of life. the ” My commitment is very old. I have always had a role in associative as an actor and not the consumer. At the college, high school, and college, I was of all the committees, of all the elections. “ However, he has never taken the step of commitment policy. the ” This I must have crossed the mind a time. But this world is very introspective and not very humanistic. This is not for me. I have long wanted to be a meteorologist, I have always been fascinated by extreme weather events. I’ve done my memory in Madagascar in 2006 on the resilience of communities after the devastation of a cyclone. “
” Intransigent with the small minority that tries to we eat “ there He encountered the misery of near and still found a way to be useful. the ” I have built an organization of tourism solidarity that enables them to travel, but a portion of the amount paid goes to concrete projects in favour of the people. I also organized the shipment of an entire promotion on the seismic Italian when I was president of the association of geographers of Poitiers. “
Naturally, Nicolas had its place at the Secours populaire français ” I was looking for a job. I answered an advertisement for a Pole for a job of animator for the popular Backup in October 2009. It was 25, I was held. It was amazing. I would never have believed to find a job 4 miles from home in my field if particular which is a very small niche. I soon found myself, it is very varied. We are general practitioners of solidarity. My new employer has also found his account. Our federation had volunteers when I succeeded Jean-Claude Expert who gave me confidence and taught me everything. “ Nicholas quickly finds his place : he became secretary-general of the Federation, 86 and was elected to the national committee. It is now part of the national office.
It is at the head of a real small company of five employees with an annual budget of 250,000 euros. the ” The popular Backup, the federations are autonomous. I wasn’t trained for it. I learned the volunteer management in particular. When one knows how to do this, we can be responsible human resources anywhere. “ He brought the enthusiasm of his youth. the ” The popular Backup evolves, it is getting younger. Without the cult of youth, it is best to communicate in today’s society. We are now known and recognized in the Vienna. It is important. Not only for donations but also for people in difficulty know that we exist, that we are there for them. “ The poor are more numerous than ever. the ” Since I arrived eight years ago, the situation has worsened. It has paid very, very dear to the crisis of 2010 here also. It is necessary to deal with the victims of the accidents of life. It is for the last few years on increases of almost 30 % of people helped. “
Helped in the dignity, but not assisted Nicholas Xuereb has the values of the Secours populaire self-tapping the heart. “ Our slogan sums up our philosophy : “Everything that is human is ours. “We are here to help people cope with the consequences of the crisis, not to treat of the causes. I hate the assistantship. People do not need to be assisted, they must be supported in dignity. With us, nothing is free. The “I want to, I’m right” not used. Each gift must be useful to the penny. I am guarantor. It is my responsibility. I’m uncompromising with the small minority that tries to we eat. “ The vast majority is in the most total destitution. the ” Here, in Poitiers, we help people who have nothing. Often, they live among people who are in great difficulty. There is also the emerging problem of unaccompanied minors who have no status? in We do what we can to these situations revolting. “
” A vomit of hatred, racism and frustration “ Nicholas Xuereb has other revolts. “ As the mood of the society and this word which is released on social networks, among others. One receives in the face a vomit of hate, racism, frustration. On the ground, we turn in our collections. Some tell us : ” You have only to foreigners. “other give us a box of cassoulet blowing : ” It is pork, at least we know who it will be? “This has reached a level that is mind-blowing. For international assistance, it is the same. No, sometimes even in our ranks, are surprised, ask : ” You believe that there is not enough misery for us ? Why invest elsewhere ? “We have arguments, we explain all of our actions. But it is a fight of every moment. A tireless work to convince. “
Nicholas Xuereb knows that her vow the more expensive will not be realized. the ” I would like to as long as the Secours populaire which is now useless, no longer exists. This is unfortunately a utopia. We are going to stay for a long time yet a sting of the public authorities. A sting, independent, non-political, a-religious and asyndical. “ Free, Nicolas and his friends have not finished to do everything to help those who have nothing.

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> The federation of the Vienna of the French Secours populaire has six committees (Loudun, Châtellerault, Naintré, Vouille, Civray, Montmorillon), and an antenna to Chauvigny.
> the headquarters of the federation is located at 6 bis, rue de Bourgogne, in the quartier des Couronneries, Poitiers.
> The space solidarity (store) is open from 14 h to 17 h 30, Monday to Friday.
> The library of solidarity located at 32, rue de Slovenia in Poitiers, is open Monday to Friday from 14 h to 18 h.
> In 2017, the 350 volunteers have helped more than 800 people in the department.
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