Nick Cave lost his son, another

“It is with great sorrow that I can confirm that my son Jethro has died. At the moment, we would be grateful for respecting the privacy of the family, “confirmed Nick Cave.

Jethro Lazenby was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1991. He did not learn that Cave was his father until he was eight years old. “It was a difficult time, but in the end it turned out great,” Nick said in an interview in 2008.

“To my regret, I didn’t have much contact with Jethro in the first years, but now I have a great relationship with him,” he added. In an interview in 2012, Jethro said, “It wasn’t so great with my father to be in his shadow.”

Singer Nick Cave

Photo: ČTK / Šulová Kateřina

The young man ended up behind bars for a while after attacking his mother Beai Lazenby. He was released on May 5.

The court ordered a young man diagnosed with schizophrenia to be treated for drugs and banned contact with his mother for two years.

Jethro is already the second of four sons of a 64-year-old rock musician who died prematurely. Arthur, 15, died seven years ago when he fell off a cliff in Brighton, England, after ingesting LSD.