Nick Cave’s other son has now died after the death of his younger child

Nick Cave’s son died two days after he was released from prison. Jethro Lazenby was 30 years old, the news of his death was reported by the musician.

“I confirm with deep pain and sadness the news that my son Jethro is dead. We would be very grateful if the privacy of the family would be respected in these difficult times.” – quotes Cave in the wake of the Daily Mail Glance.

A Daily Mail he knows that Jethro Lazenby lived in Melbourne. The man was imprisoned in March for attacking his mother and causing her injuries.

Forras: AFP/Carl Court

Nick Cave has already lost his second son. Seven years ago, his 15-year-old son Arthur fell off a cliff and he died immediately. “This disaster changed it. I thought I knew myself, but after the tragedy I didn’t know who I was anymore. I looked in the mirror, I recognized my appearance, but I knew it didn’t reflect who I was at the time at all.” the musician said later. It turned out, Arthur was under the influence of drugswhen he jumped off the cliff, the cause of Jethro’s death had not yet been revealed.