Nick Kyrgios on mental health: ‘mine was 20 times worse than Osaka’

Nick kyrgios, controversial Australian athlete who has been characterized by his particular personality, addressed the issue of mental health of athletes, which they have put on the table both tennis player Naomi Osakalike the gymnast Simone Biles.

Kyrgios, at a press conference prior to the ATP in Washington, opened up to the problem and considered that what he suffered in his early years as a tennis player, It was much worse than what Osaka is going through today.


“I too fell apart like Naomi Osaka and talking about mental health conditions; what I was going through, in my personal opinion was 20 times worse. “

Kyrgios also downloaded himself and pointed out that a large part of these emotional affectations, They were due both to the sanctions imposed by the ATP circuit for his way of being, as well as to the constant criticism of the Australian press, when he was still very young.

The tennis player even said that while other tennis players “have good press”, they have always thrown everything at him.

“All they get is good press. They do not receive hate messages, they do not receive historical and ridiculous fines for hitting balls out of the stadium or they are sanctioned for violation of code “.

“I was dealing with, not even close to how many things were happening.”


And Nick didn’t end there, because continued to vent a long time to keep things, for which he pointed out that as time and his career have passed, now he understands that all that, it’s part of something that he considers “bullshit” but that did lead him to a “dark place” in his life.

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“It is what I think. Instead of whipping and nearly crucifying a personality, You can say: Okay, let’s treat this guy differently, let’s act a certain way, not treat him like Roger Federer or Marin Cilic; he is his own person.

“I’m just saying that this sport He could have taken me to a dark place, which he did for a while, how mentally tough it was for me at 18, being one of Australia’s best known players, being absolutely hammered by the press. Is not easy. Now I’m 26 and old enough … everything sucks. “