Ex-Wolfsburg Nicklas Bendtner sentenced to 50 days in prison without parole

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Nicklas Bendtner turns to the media after leaving the courthouse in Copenhagen Nicklas Bendtner turns to the media after leaving the courthouse in Copenhagen

Nicklas Bendtner turns to the media after leaving the courthouse in Copenhagen


He is notorious for his scandals, now Nicklas Bendtner has to pay a Ausraster expensive. A court sentenced him to a jail sentence for attacking a taxi driver. The victim had suffered serious injuries.

Dhe former Wolfsburg footballer Nicklas Bendtner was sentenced on Friday to a 50-day prison sentence. The Copenhagen court found it proven that the 30-year-old Dane hit and kicked a taxi driver so hard during a September 9 dispute that he suffered, among other things, a broken jaw. The severity of the injury was also a reason why the sentence was not suspended, the court said.

Bendtner's lawyer explained that his client wanted to appeal the verdict. Nicklas Bendtner was under contract with VfL Wolfsburg from 2014 to 2016. His current club Rosenborg Trondheim from Norway distanced himself from the incident on Friday. Personnel consequences should not exist.

During his time at Arsenal London Bendtner had once a brawl with his former teammate Emanuel Adebayor delivered, also notorious are the numerous alcoholic capads of the Danes. So he was caught with 1.75 per thousand behind the wheel and lost his driver's license for two years.

Bloomed in Trondheim

On another occasion, he was photographed in a club with his pants down, then he scraped a 185,000-euro luxury sports car into junk or spread images on the social media showing him naked, his genitals covered only with a bra.

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Wolfsburg's Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner is pictured ahead of the German first division Bundesliga match FC Bayern Munich vs VfL Wolfsburg at the Allianz Arena in Munich, southern Germany on August 22, 2014. AFP PHOTO / CHRISTOF STATE DFL RULES TO LIMIT THE ONLINE USAGE DURING MATCH TIME TO 15 PICTURES PER MATCH. IMAGE SEQUENCES TO SIMULATE VIDEO IS NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME. FOR FURTHER QUERIES PLEASE CONTACT DFL DIRECTLY AT + 49 69 650050. (Photo credit should read CHRISTOF STACHE / AFP / Getty Images)

Sporty, it was only moderately good for the former world-class talent for many years. Bendtner seemed like a foreign body almost everywhere he played. Also at VfL Wolfsburg he left footballing no lasting impression. Only in Norway, the now 29-year-old flourished, scored 19 goals for Rosenborg Trondheim and made himself the top scorer.

His club also won thanks to Bendtner's final strength the championship and even in the Danish national team, he was allowed to report back. The hard punishment now means a setback for his career.



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