Nico: a son with Alain Delon? Who was this 1970’s star singer?


This week comes out in the cinema a biopic dedicated to the singer Nico. The opportunity to remember who was the one who claimed to have had a son with Alain Delon. The son in question, Ari Boulogne, remembered some memories.

This week comes out the biopic “Nico, 1988” which retraces the last days of the pop icon Nico. Christa Päffgen of her real name, was mainly known for being the singer of the band “The Velvet Underground”, but had also released some solo albums. In 1962, she gave birth to a son, Ari, whose father was, according to her, Alain Delon . A fatherhood that the actor has never recognized. Unable to take care of the child because of his career and his lifestyle, Nico entrusts Ari to Alain Delon’s mother, Edith, who recognized her grandson. In 1977, Ari is adopted by the stepfather of the actor, Paul Boulogne. Older, Ari Boulogne finds her mother for a “wandering life between heroin and squats” sums up the JDD . On the occasion of the cinema release of the biopic devoted to his mother, Ari was interviewed by the JDD. He gives his opinion on the work and tells who was really his mother. “I think this film obscures a lot of the truth, it’s a crazy vision, out of the imagination of people who did not rub shoulders with my mother, she was not that woman,” she said. he declares. Ari Boulogne, Nico was not “a loser” as the film would tend to let him think according to him. “She was a rock’n’roll woman, who took the stage like a lioness,” he says, disappointed to see the result in film. He believes that the actress sings “very badly” and that the musicians who accompany him are “incapable”.

Nico, a “very good mother”

After giving this opinion on the film, Ari Boulogne explains that Nico was “a very good mother”. “She gave me everything, even the drug, I lived it with her without it being a problem,” he explains. It was a way of being together. “From his mother, he also remembers the pubs she liked to frequent and the images of her tours.” I remember the lights, the soundchecks, the organ, “she said. recalls Ari before stating that “his harmonium was his heart, his breathing.” Ari’s mother died of a cerebral hemorrhage in 1988 following a fall on a bicycle, again remembering: “She is part of town and never came back … I went to the hospital, I saw that she was dead. And that’s it, “he expresses simply.
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