Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham:

In April, celebrity son David Beckham (23) and billionaire’s daughter Nicola Peltz (27) were forged in hymen’s shackles and declared straight husbands.

Prior to the wedding, it was announced that the turtle doves would not save a penny on the occasion of the big day. The website News wrote ahead of the wedding that the couple would give each other their “yes” in Palm Beach, Florida, where Peltz’s family has a property by the beach worth a staggering 131 million dollars – over 1.1 billion Norwegian kroner.

– Yes, it’s my ass

In the aftermath of the wedding, both Beckham and Peltz have kept the cards close to their chests when it comes to revealing details about the big day.

Now, however, Peltz eases the veil in a fresh interview with Tatler magazine.

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Both had boyfriends

The magazine writes that the 27-year-old is still in honeymoon mode.

– I had the best day. I kept thinking, “I’m getting married to my best friend.” And that’s all that matters, says Peltz in the interview.

- David and Harper are the cutest

– David and Harper are the cutest

Peltz goes on to say that she and Beckham met through one of her brothers about five years ago. At first they did not get along at all, and both had boyfriends. Still, they kept in touch a little loose.

– We actually met once and went to dinner, and he was a friend, but not a close friend. Then we met at a Halloween party two and a half years ago, and I can not tell you what happened, but from then on we were inseparable, the billionaire’s daughter reveals.

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Those who follow the new couple on Instagram have probably realized that the duo loves to both take and share photos of each other.

– Like Brooklyn, I love taking pictures. We have a film camera and a small Sony digital camera. And I will always enjoy every moment by taking pictures or videos so that we have all these memories. So we share them in a way.

Got pork wedding gift from dad

Got pork wedding gift from dad

Got a surprising reaction

The Beckham son has previously eased the veil on when he proposed to his current wife. He did so in a video on the talk show “The Late Late Show with James Corden”.

– I started by telling her how much I love her. It lasted for about five minutes. Then I pull back, grab the engagement ring, and ask, “Will you marry me? Because I want to be with you for the rest of my life. You are my best friend, “he said.

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According to Beckham, Peltz had no idea about the courtship plans, which led to a surprising reaction.

– And she began to cry, and I thought: “No!”. Then she did not answer me for the next five minutes and just kept crying. Then I asked her, “Is that a yes?” Is it a no? ». It was all a little nerve-wracking.

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