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Nicolai Müller in Sydney: One in five million – sports


Nicolai Müller once suffered a cruciate ligament rupture at the goal celebration for HSV. Now he plays in Sydney under coach Markus Babbel – and is amazed at some things in the new league.

Sometimes Nicolai Müller can not believe it, he has one of these moments in the winter garden of his apartment. Müller then sits there, coffee in hand, and takes a look at the opera house opposite. Or on the beach. When he arrives after only 15 minutes of driving. Even then, one of those moments when Müller asks his wife: "Can you imagine that we really live here now?"

Müller, 32, has been at home in Sydney for three months. He has moved into an apartment in a high-rise building on the Harbor Bridge with his family and plays in the A-League, the top division of Australia. Müller, the former Bundesliga player, is now leading an exciting life, one that is an adventure.

You don't have to turn every excursion into an adventure, but Australia is actually an adventure for Müller, who grew up in the Lower Franconian village of Wernfeld, about 40 kilometers northwest of Würzburg, as one of around a thousand inhabitants, a fraction of the five million that live in Sydney.

Gate in Karlsruhe, cruciate ligament tear while cheering

In the Australian metropolis, he is currently receiving calls from his home more often – because of the bush fire that has been raging in the country for months. How his family and him are doing, how much he is getting from the fires. "You notice it now and then when you walk through the city and the streets are smoky," he says. "It is of course not exactly healthy to breathe it in." Müller appeases the worried callers: He is well in Sydney.

German players and coaches in the A-League


Alexander Baumjohann Sydney FC

Matti Steinmann Wellington Phoenix

Tim Hoogland Melbourne Victory

Mirko Boland Adelaide United

Nicolai Müller Western Sydney Wanderers

Alexander Meier Western Sydney Wanderers

Patrick Ziegler Western Sydney Wanderers


Marco Kurz Melbourne Victory

Markus Babbel Western Sydney Wanderers

Four and a half years ago, Müller saved Hamburger SV from relegation for the first time by scoring a decisive goal at the relegation game in Karlsruhe. Two and a half years ago, he suffered a cruciate ligament tear at a goal celebration, at the beginning of the season in which HSV finally said goodbye to the Bundesliga. At that moment, Müller couldn't help but let his joy run free, she had to go, somewhere. The cheering jump on the corner flag was like opening a window and shouting something out of happiness into the world. Kind of immature. But pure emotion. The gate in Karlsruhe, the cruciate ligament tear while cheering: With these two games, Müller will be remembered.



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