Nicolás Castillo ridicules journalist who announced his retirement: “See you in 2021 in the Azteca”

Nicolás Castillo has had a year to be forgotten due to his serious health problems, so the rumors of his retirement have begun to sound strongly, something that the former striker of Universidad Católica did not think was good at all and went out with everything to deny the gossip.

The controversy began when the Mexican journalist André Marín referred to the situation of the Chilean on his Instagram, ensuring that his return to the courts could endanger his physical integrity and even his life.

“It is not a joke, if he returns to play professionally he would put his life at risk and that neither Castillo nor America can allow it,” Marín said in a video.

Castillo recovers from a thrombosis suffered after surgery, and it is not yet known with certainty if he will be able to return to soccer.

The Aztec communicator was emphatic in revealing that the doctors in charge of Castillo had already informed the gunner that his chances of returning to professional football would be virtually nil.

“The specialists who saved his life told him clearly and forcefully that he cannot play soccer again because it would put his life at risk,” said the journalist.

As soon as Castillo was consulted on the subject after a question from an American fan, He did not hesitate to go out and respond sarcastically and put an end to the rumors:

“Hahahahahahaha who? Look who says it. You wouldn’t even have to ask me … See you in 2021 at the Azteca,” replied the Chilean.

Nicolás Castillo suffered a superficial femoral artery thrombosis earlier this year after surgery due to a tendon injury, and Although there is still no certainty of his recovery time, it seems that the Chilean is in the best position to play football again next year.

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