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Nicolás Maduro’s regime celebrates 2 months of protests in Colombia

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In a lengthy speech, that lasted longer than the awards ceremony, Maduro criticized the Colombian and foreign media that, according to him, they are in “international campaign” to refer to him as the “leader of a dictatorial regime.”

“What a horrible campaign to say that there is a dictatorship in Venezuela. I say to Venezuelans: Is there a Maduro regime in Venezuela? Venezuelans can clearly answer that no, but it is the campaign that they do to us every day. Many believe that in Colombia, where they repeat every day that the Maduro regime, that Maduro is the brute; in the dominant media of the oligarchy, Maburro calls me in Colombia, “he said. during a part of his speech.

Further, celebrated that Colombia has reached the second month of protests that have left countless economic losses and, according to medical unions, have triggered infections and deaths from COVID-19.

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“Two months have passed since the continuous protest of the Colombian people against the mafia that is in power in Colombia. Two continuous months of mobilizations, of resistance ”, indicated Maduro.

Once again, he criticized what, according to him, is a double race when analyzing the work of Venezuelan institutions and compare them with the role of Colombian women in the framework of the protests of the last 60 days.

“According to the media in Colombia, there is an exemplary democracy and an exemplary government there,” said Maduro.

In his tirade, he praised the work of digital media and social networks for, according to him, “prevail over oligarchic dominance”From traditional media.

Finally, he spoke of the “repudiation” that, for him, the “Colombian people feel for Uribe and Duque” in the framework of “a new massacre” and the “250 disappeared.” For this reason, he said that “Venezuela cries out for Colombia.”

Maduro’s tirade comes a week before the UN speaks in its sessions about the human rights situation in Venezuela.

The UN General Assembly recalled that, in its resolution 45/20, the Human Rights Council requested that a comprehensive written report be prepared on the situation of human rights in Venezuela, including a “detailed assessment of the application of the recommendations of its previous reports and to present it to the Council at its forty-seventh session, followed by an interactive dialogue ”.

Marta Valiñas, president of the United Nations Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on Venezuela, presented to the Human Rights Council an update on his work in the South American nation.

The entity has continued with its work since 2019 and indicated that it identified “more than 200 murders committed by police forces since the beginning of the year” In Venezuela.

This is Maduro’s tirade against Colombia (from 1:32:50):

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