Nicole Moreno spoke of her fear for cases of breast cancer in her family

Nicole Moreno referred to the death of her aunt, due to breast cancer, expressed her fear of suffering from this disease.

80% of the women in my family have died of it. (…) It’s too much,” he said in conversation with Eduardo Fuentes, on the program Good night all the TVN.

In this context, he spoke of the death of his aunt, due to this disease. “We all wanted to see her with us live with that strength. She left us a great teaching as a family, ”she recalled.

Despite cancer diagnoses that have run in his family, Moreno revealed that the checks have not been done. “I know it’s not appropriate, but the time will come when I’m ready,” she admitted.

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It scares me, I know that God protects me and takes care of me. I know that it will not happen, because I have all the faith in the world, ”he added.

Although he acknowledged that his statements were a bad exampleand encouraged all women to get a mammogram, He commented that his decision is due to personal fear.

It should be noted that currently the examination of mammography can be performed free of charge in the public systemwhich benefits the early detection of the disease.

2023-06-01 22:12:17

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