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Nicole Peña and the strong friendship, little known, with the daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo

November 05, 2018 – 14:52 CST

It was enough with the celebration of a birthday so that Nicole Peña made evident an endearing relationship of friendship that we did not know. It was as well as the young woman took the opportunity to congratulate in the most moving way to her friend, nothing more and nothing less than Alejandra Capetillo, the daughter of Biby Gaytán and Eduardo Capetillo, who celebrated surrounded by all the love of her loved ones her arrival at 19 years of age. And although both are discreet with what happens in his personal life, this moment became the perfect pretext to put on high the great affection that unites them, apparently for some time now.


Very proud, Nicole took her social networks and shared a series of photographs in which she appears at various moments with Ale, with whom she has seen an almost closeness of sisters. What is relevant about these images is that both are happy and always in their role as protagonists of unforgettable episodes that this time was worth remembering, like a postcard in which the two appear on the beach, smiling and sunbathing at the shore of a pier. "Happy 16 … I love you 'Ale chic'", wrote the daughter of Enrique Peña Nieto to her friend, who has become one of his greatest accomplices in adventures.

The truth is that the close coexistence between both has been strengthened over the years, even the two were schoolmates and Nicole could not resist to reveal images of those days. In the snapshots you can see her and Ale with the same school uniform, apparently in the schoolyard and in another photo inside the classroom. In each of the publications they are seen hugging, smiling and happy, memories that served as inspiration to dedicate another nice message to the birthday girl. "Thanks for being like a sister. I love you ", can be read in one of the stories.


The daughter of the President of Mexico did not forget to include a tender postcard of the family album where Ale poses when she was just a girl, as a sign of the great affection that prevails and that every day is strengthened. Of course, among the congratulations could not miss Biby Gaytán, who proud of her daughter dedicated a message in addition to showing a story of the celebration in a restaurant where Ale appears excited in front of the sparkler that decorates her cake. "@Alecapetillog Today 19 years ago you came to our lives to enlighten them, to fill us with love and to infect us with your joy! I love you beautiful baby and since you were born you have made us feel very proud of you! May God bless you forever! "He wrote.



His father, Eduardo Capetillo, also dedicated some words to the young woman, in a photo where he appears giving a kiss to Ale when she was little. "19 years ago you came to my life and every day I thank God for that, congratulations beautiful, and remember that you will always be my baby! In the same way, her sister Ana Paula expressed her affection for Ale, to whom she declared her unconditional love and whom she also called "the best sister in the world". The family did not give more detail of the celebration, although everything indicates that they had a great time.

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