Nicolette van Dam closes ‘beautiful phase in life’, embarks on a new adventure

Nicolette calls the renovation and the temporary move that comes with it a ‘closing of a beautiful phase’ in the life of her and her family. “What an exciting and cool adventure,” the presenter continues. ‘We are ready.’

It is not only an exciting time for Nicolette, Bas and their daughters Lola-Lily and Kiki-Kate, but also for their pets. Several animals live in the Smit-Van Dam house, such as lizards and turtles. ‘The animals are also ready,’ writes Nicolette.

A week ago, good news came out for all the people who have been hoping for a reunion or sequel of the children’s series for years Zoop, in which Nicolette had her breakthrough. Jon Karthaus, who played Moes at the time, is working on a script for a sequel. He talks about it in detail in the video below.