Nieuwe single Lyn Lapid & Ruth B.

Like many young artists, Lyn Lapid also started her music career on Youtube, where she posted covers. In 2020 she made the switch to TikTok and started posting pieces of self-written music on it. It earned her quite a following and that same year she released her debut single “Producer Man”. Last year the American released her first EP, The Outsider, from and many other singles. This time around, Lyn Lapid teamed up with pop singer Ruth B., best known for her hit song “Lost Boy,” which led to this “Do U Really?”

“Do You Really?” is exactly what we expected from a collaboration between Ruth B. and Lyn Lapid. They ask someone what they see in their relationship. Does this one want to go for a long-term relationship, or just go crazy and experiment? Yet this is not a sad, cliché love song, because the sound sounds quite warm. We hear that typical Lapid ukulele, supported by a lo-fi beat that manages to put in a nice tempo. “Do You Really?” is just not catchy enough to become a really big hit, but it is a pleasant pop song to put on once in a while.

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Ruth B: Facebook / Instagram / Website

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