NIGER: Idimama KOTOUDI, a media icon resumes service at Niamey Palace

Renowned as a brilliant media professional, seasoned expert in institutional communication for having served brilliantly in several international development organizations such as UNICEF among others, Idimama Kotoudi has just been promoted to head of the Communication Unit at the Presidency of Niger. . A regular at the place, having worked there. His appointment was recorded by presidential decree on Wednesday March 1, 2023. Return to the zone of a great “servant” of the Nigerien state.

Idimama takes over the controls of the Communication Cell at the Niamey Palace. As a fine connoisseur of the corridors of the imposing building, the media man will now shield his network and take more care of the image and the aggregates of the entire ecosystem set in motion by the master of the place. Thanks to a rich pedigree which puts forward a profile which commands respect and admiration in the middle of “insiders to good codes”, President Mohamed BAZOUM has secured the services of Idimama KOTOUDI to move the lines. In a context marked by media turmoil where social networks have taken over and dictate their law on classic, rigorous communication tools, the new head of Communication is expected on urgent projects to change the paradigms in favor of a communication efficient, clearly perceptible to the general public and consistent with sustainability. Many players in the Nigerian media landerneau believe that he has the profile for the job. He is an ace in this field, having proven himself in several renowned international organizations such as UNICEF. Idimama has settled down at ONEP (Public Publishing and Press Office), ANP (Nigerian Press Agency), PANOS Institute. This man of the seraglio is a communication purist trained in a good school. He is a graduate of the prestigious Institut Français de Presse (IFP- Panthéon Assas). This position, which he will now lead for a second time – before under the magisterium of former President Issoufou Mahamadou – is the consecration of his flawless professional and academic career, marked by rigor and a touch of orthodoxy. Idimama Kotoudi accumulates solid and good crutches which attest to his great expertise in the field of communication of major events. The African Union Summit organized in Niger in 2019 and that of November 2022 devoted to economic industrialization Zlecaf are indicative of this. Idimama will have to deserve this return to the zone. The bet is within reach. Because he holds good cards in his hands. Beyond being an art, communication is said to be a test that is not often simplistic. Good luck artist!

By Ismael AÏDARA (Africa Confidential)