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night of fear and explosions

Rome, on fire abusive landfill in the Collatino district: explosions and fear in the night

A vast one fire it developed last night, around 11.30 pm, in the eastern area of Rome in an illegal dump in the neighborhood Collatino. Firefighters worked all night trying to tame the flames. The fire developed in via Collatina Vecchia, not far from the Palmiro Togliatti station, not far from Tor Sapienza. To burn would be toxic waste and waste materials reported for a long time. At the moment, there are no injuries. And the causes of the stake are still to be ascertained.

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Five tankers took turns without stopping to throw water and refuel. Four city police officers were also present. The fire spread to reach a power plant and some high voltage cables. At two o'clock in the night – local residents tell us – the fire continued to progress.

(photo sent by Christian Ferru)

A column of smoke, about 50 meters high, soon rose from the landfill. And the acrid smell began to be perceived quickly in some areas of the Capital. But the constant explosions were above all frightening. It should be remembered that the landfill has been sequestered since last February 2 and the citizens of the area, on several occasions, had reported the possible danger situation.

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