Nightwing and Red Hood featured in latest trailer

After a silence of several months, Warner Bros has again communicated on this highly anticipated game with a gameplay trailer.

In the world of gaming, superheroes have not always had good press. Many titles devoted to Superman, Spiderman or the X-Men have been released, but many have been poorly received by critics and/or the public. Until the day Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros came along with Batman : Arkham Asylum. Released in 2009, the title devoted to the Dark Knight (now in the spotlight on Spotify) was a hit and the start of a saga that has become cult.

Special moves and moves specific to each

In 2015, the saga ended with Arkham Knight and fans of the character are desperate to return to Gotham City for a new adventure. Especially since this one already has a name: Gotham Knights (not to be confused with the future series by CW). Developed by WB Games Montreal, the game allows you to embody Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing and Red Hood to defend Gotham City now that Batman has disappeared. A time scheduled for 2021, the title has finally been postponed to 2022, and should logically be released on October 25. After a long silence of several months (which is never a good sign in the video game world), the title is finally talking about it again with a new gameplay trailer. Uploaded by WB Games Montreal, this new video highlights two heroes: Nightwing and Red Hood.

The opportunity to discover the specific combat movements of each, with their own special moves, but also specific modes of movement in Gotham City. Dick Grayson will use a robotic glider and Jason Todd will be able to move via “mystical jumps” to go from building to building. However, the characters can also rely on vehicles, such as the motorcycle for Red Hood. The latest trailer also allows you to discover the Belfry, which will function as a hub between the different missions, allowing you to customize your hero and develop your skills.

Multiplayer co-op that promises to be epic

Highlighting the fact that the “children” of Batman take up his torch to ensure the defense of Gotham City, the game from WB Games Montreal should focus its intrigue on cooperation. And the gameplay should also follow this theme. As related GameSpot, the game’s PlayStation Network page recently shared a new detail about co-op multiplayer. According to the file, it would not be satisfied with a cooperation between two heroes, but between all the vigilantes taking up the torch of Batman. The teams could therefore have worked on a multiplayer component capable of bringing four players to simultaneously embody Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin. There remains the mystery of the supports: initially expected on all consoles, it would however seem that an output on PS4 and Xbox One is no longer on the agenda.