Nikkie de Jager interviews Queen Máxima at the Eurovision Song Contest: ‘enormous honor’

Nikkie de Jager has interviewed Queen Máxima for the Eurovision Song Contest. The two talked about how important music is to children’s development. Prior to the interview, the YouTube star from Uden announced on her social media channels that she was very excited to meet the queen.

The week and perhaps even the year of Nikkie de Jager can no longer go wrong. She was already showered with compliments for how well she presents the Eurovision Song Contest. And on Thursday she was also allowed to interview Queen Máxima in ‘LookLab’, her song festival series on YouTube.

Prior to the interview, Nikkie clearly stated via her Instagram page that she was very enthusiastic and tense, because she was allowed to meet the queen. “As if presenting the Eurovision Song Contest wasn’t an enormous honor, I can also speak to Queen Máxima.”

Learn Dutch with children’s songs
In the interview, the two talk about how the queen used songs in Dutch to learn the language. She started with children’s songs because in them many words are repeated continuously. When Nikkie asks whether the queen had a favorite, Máxima replies: “15 million people.”

Queen Máxima is honorary chairman of the Foundation More Music in the Classroom, an organization that ensures that more and better music education is given in primary school because this helps children in their development. To spread that message, she joined Nikkie de Jager in her LookLab during the Eurovision Song Contest.

Watch the interview here:


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