Nikkie gives a huge over the top beach party for staff: ‘You are nothing on your own’

Nikkie clearly doesn’t like to throw a party with the cut on the tap, because if we are to believe the images on her Instagram account, the extravagant beach party really lacks nothing. There are no mugs with her company’s logo on them, but wine glasses, menus and flags.

‘With the nicest crew in the Netherlands, our sweet toppers’, Nikkie writes with the images. There seems to be only one condition for going to this party: wearing a white dress. Both Nikkie and all her employees wear a white outfit.

If we are to believe Nikkie, it was ‘a fantastic party’. Antoon and Quido van de Graaf, among others, were present to sing a moppie.

There’s a reason that Nikkie throws such a bombastic party. ‘I am so very proud of all the lovely ladies I get to work with. You are nothing on your own, we all do it together and I’m just incredibly proud of that.’

A while ago, Nikkie was briefly under fire, because images emerged from her private plane showing that her son Alain was sitting with his hands on the steering wheel of the plane.