Nikkie Plessen does not regret plane action: ‘I will never take a picture again’

Nikkie Plessen is still sure that there is nothing wrong with her son sitting on his father’s lap while he was at the wheel of an airplane. Even with an investigation into the incident in Sweden, Nikkie has no regrets. “I’ll just never take a picture again!”

Alain, the 7-year-old son of Nikkie Plessen, had one of the best days of his life when he was allowed to get behind the wheel during a private flight. He sat on his father’s lap and had his hands on the steering wheel. Proud mother Nikkie took a photo and shared it on social media, and she knew that…

No regrets

The photo caused so much commotion that Nikkie quickly deleted it. But the damage was already done: the situation has even led to investigations being conducted by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate.

And that doesn’t just happen, you might think. Nikkie, however, thinks otherwise, she thinks it is perfectly normal what happened. ,,My husband has been a pilot for twenty years and he knows very well what he is doing and has already said: ‘I am not doing anything wrong’. The Swedish airline, independent, has also said that it is not doing anything wrong,” said Nikkie in RTL Boulevard.

According to her, they are therefore investigating ‘nothing’ in Sweden. And instead of saying she’ll never do it again, she says, “At least I’ll never take a picture again!”