Nikkie Plessen slept in the same hotel as Jaimie and Lil ‘Kleine

“Actually, the news was in the Netherlands earlier than it was with us,” Nikkie continues. “As guests ourselves – there are 200 rooms – we didn’t get any of this. The joke is that everyone in the Netherlands could tell more each time than we could tell at the location itself.”

Magnifying glass

On Sunday, the police arrested the 26-year-old rapper. He is suspected of having mistreated Vaes, but according to the couple, the rumors are not correct.

“We have our highs, but we also have our lows. Because we are in the spotlight, these are put under a magnifying glass’, is the beginning of their joint statement.

Jorik Scholten

Jorik Scholten, as the rapper is really called, apologizes for the commotion that has arisen. He realizes that ‘certain things have to be done differently’ and would like to ‘take responsibility for this’. The couple asks the media to leave them alone so they can process the events together. “We love each other very much.”

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