Niklas Süle: Premier League instead of Bundesliga?

The former TSG Hoffenheimer Niklas Süle switched to the current championship club FC Bayern Munich four years ago. With his acquisition, those responsible were pleased that an aspiring and talented player joined Manuel Neuer ‘s team. The plan worked: Süle developed into a kicker who had what it takes to be a star and also delivered an impressive performance in the national team. But with Süle’s contract coming to an end with his current club, dark clouds are gathering on the football horizon.

According to various media, the ongoing talks are on a bumpy path. According to BILD, Süle is openly thinking about a possible change that will be possible with the end of his contract. Concrete offers are supposed to be available and come from the Premier League, among others. Newcastle United would have made the Bayern professional an interesting offer that made an impression. As is so often the case, everyone involved remains silent in order to keep all options open.

Wrestling for Süle

Who will win the race for Niklas Süle will not be decided until next year. Until the end of June 2022, the 26-year-old footballer is still on the pitch for Bayern Munich and will present his moves to fans and opponents. To date, the native of Frankfurt has undeniably played an excellent game in his eleven appearances this season, which is what makes him so valuable for Bayern. The prospects of a renewed first place in the Bundesliga are more than brilliant: With a view to the sports betting at Admiralbet, the odds of 1.06 (as of November 18) are undoubtedly a win. In second place, Borussia Dortmund has to be satisfied with a rate of 1.30. The platform is particularly popular due to the welcome bonus it offers and the large number of payment methods.

No wonder fans and teammates want to keep their central defender and avoid leaving. In the soccer circus, however, it has been proven more than once that the highest waves have the least impact. So Süle fans can continue to hope for a simple contract extension.

FC Bayern Munich prepares away game

In the upcoming away game against FC Augsburg, coach Julian Nagelsmann and his team will have to concentrate on completely different challenges. As a cohesive team, they want to stand up to their opponents. An announcement that Augsburg coach Markus Weinzierl takes to heart and at the same time draws his motivation for the upcoming game. As Kicker reports, Weinzierl wants to tear himself apart with Bayern and carry out the encounter at eye level.

The meeting should be an exciting affair for fans. Augsburg is currently in 16th place in the Bundesliga table and therefore has more of an outsider position. However, Bayern shouldn’t rely on pure security and selfish favorites. The most recent 4-1 win against Stuttgart provided an unexpected boost of motivation and gave the Augsburgers a healthy dose of power, as reported by Sat.1. Power that Weinzierl and his boys will also use at Bayern. Manuel Neuer and the rest of the team should prepare for this game.

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