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Niko Kovac: An exhausted champion coach – Sport

  • Niko Kovac will be champions with Bayern – and still do not know if he will be on the bench next season.
  • The fans celebrate the champion coach, which stirs Kovac.
  • Nevertheless, he does not get any clear signals from the bosses.

From the stadium of Martin Schneider

So there he sat, the master coach, who has made up a nine-point deficit, the first since Franz Beckenbauer, who won the title as player and coach with the Bayern, this weekend his third DFB Cup final in Series and how he played in the stadium, as thousands sang his name and celebrated him as a "best man". This man named Niko Kovac was sitting in front of the microphone with bony hair and did not seem euphoric, not boisterous. He seemed exhausted. "But you're happy?", A reporter had to ask at some point and Kovac laughed. Maybe it would be more noticeable if I ran around with a red nose or a carnival hat, but there's a lot of stuff in there right now, "he said, pointing to his heart.

It was a day for Niko Kovac's heart, and above all, it was a day when the Bayern fans laid their hearts at their feet. They had a lot to celebrate in the arena and they did not know where to go with all the emotions for Ribéry, for Robben, for the title. But the fans, they took the strength and the energy to support their coach several times and very loud at this historic club day because they feel that this coach needs and deserves support.

Kovac: "I am convinced that it will continue"

The coach has "first-hand information" that he remains coach in Munich. Thomas Müller talks about "a lot of stress and annoyance". The voices to the championship.

Kovac applauded during the game. He pointed a thumbs up towards Südkurve, where the loudest fans of Munich are. "If you get such a gesture, that's nice, you like doing the job, and you see that the fans have a good sense," said Kovac. And he said what he said a few times over the season. "We are all human, there is no robot here."

The "facts" speak for Kovac – but what good is that to him?

Anyone who does not know FC Bayern can barely grasp this situation, and somehow it is incomprehensible, but the coach, who has played the most successful second half of the club's not-so-successful past club – still does not know if he will be next Season is still Bayern coach. In any case, it simply said no one responsible on Saturday to finally take pressure from this increasingly unpleasant for all sides situation.

"I've always said I will not participate in the speculation, so they will not hear anything on the subject from me," said Uli Hoeneß, who said after all that he had been pleased by the conversations to Kovac. Hasan Salihamidzic talked about the core issue for a long time, said that the coach had his support and then, as a reporter, asked why nobody clearly said that Kovac remains Bayern coach, Salihamidzic said. "For me, the question is not right now." When asked whether Kovac will be there next year, Salihamidzic said: "The facts speak for it, yes."

Bayern in the individual review

Robben is showering Kovac

Also from the players nothing was to be found out. Thomas Müller said he did not want to interfere in political processes. At least Manuel Neuer pointed out that also Pep Guardiola has not become a Champions League winner. By the way, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the chairman of the board, who publicly staged a referendum against BVB after the 5-0 draw and never took back that word, said nothing.

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