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Niko Kovac speaks after a Champions League break

For the first time since 2006, there is no German team in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Bayern coach Niko Kovac has therefore sounded the alarm after defeating Liverpool.

"We're thinking about what we need to do to be different in the coming season, with three German clubs eliminated by the English side, and the money is not always winning, but Jürgen Klopp has spent 500 million euros in recent years This is an advantage, for them it is much more attractive to go to England than to Germany, "said the Croat at the press conference before the game against Mainz 05 (Bundesliga: Bayern – FSV Mainz on Sunday from 18 o'clock in the LIVETICKER)

If we want to make up for that, we have to get good young players early on, we have to ask ourselves the basic question of whether we want to join in. If we do not get involved, the others will run away. "

The press conference in the TICKER for reading:

+++ thoughts on Trapattoni +++

The former Bayern coach turns 80 on Sunday.

"I've had him as a coach in Salzburg, he's an incomparable man, there's no such person in the coaching business, Ottmar Hitzfeld is similarly knitted, he's a great man because he understands the player and has empathy also to his players over, I've copied a lot from him. "

To the legendary PK as a Bayern coach, he says: "He is southerners and carries his heart on the tongue, which reflects him only as a human again and I am pleased that I was allowed to have him as a coach."

That's it, Niko Kovac leaves the podium.

+++ printing on title? +++

"That's why we're here, we have this goal as a coach and player always The seventh championship could follow, this is a novelty in German history, but this is not easy, Dortmund has only the Bundesliga. However, they have won twelve of their 13 games, with no guarantee of winning the cup, but that's the goal, the Champions League is a dream for everyone, but it's always difficult to implement, "Kovac says SPORT1-Demand.

+++ Personal against Mainz +++

"David Alaba has some sinew problems again, so we'll have to wait, otherwise there are minor injuries, but they are normal, I expect a difficult game, Mainz is an uncomfortable team, they are hoping for an advantage in the mental area But my team has shown that they keep coming back and maybe we will not get straight to victory, but we have to break the resistance and win the game so players can relax and go to the national teams. "

+++ Enough fire at Bayern? +++

"I have to say that everyone tried everything, Liverpool had the better package that day, they were better overall, so it's no shame to say that someone was better, it's wrong to whitewash 20 minutes before the end, we kept everything open and if we leave too much room, you get in trouble, as you saw after 1: 2. The opponent has three world-class players who take advantage of it it was not enough. "

+++ Which tactic is the best? +++

In the end, ball possession football will continue to be successful, that's the measure of all things.The switching game can also be successful, but let's take a look at the leagues: All the clubs with footballers who hit the ball The system is not critical, it's the attitude, you have to break up like Juventus on Tuesday. "

+++ conclusions from the CL-Aus +++

"We're thinking about what we need to do to be in a different position in the coming season, three German clubs have lost out to English, and the money is not always winning, but Klopp has spent over 500 million euros in recent years Top foreigners in the club This is an advantage, for them it is much more attractive to go to England than to Germany, where there is a lot of money, if we want to make up for it, we have to get good young players early Ask if we want to join in. If we do not get involved, the others will run away. "

+++ Opinion about Frankfurt +++

"That's sensational and I'm happy to see what it means to have a dream and believe in it – it's great for the club and the region."

He could not follow the match at Inter Milan.

+++ Reasons for defeat against Klopp +++

"If the opponent collapses in the collective it will be difficult, you have to be brave and you can not play where your opponent likes you, we did a lot better in the first leg, we did not have enough chances to get the ball to play in the next zone, leaving only a desperation pass or the long ball, that was not enough for us. "

+++ contact with Löw +++

On SPORT1Kovac says, "I do not know what's being discussed in the DFB-PK, so let's surprise ourselves, I talked to Löw on Wednesday and he explained his thoughts to me, and I know what you think as a national coach. The decision has to be accepted, that was a sporting decision, the three made it well in the games, that motivated them more and we will hopefully celebrate great success with the three guys. "

+++ Target Double? +++

"We have two big goals, we're doing well in both competitions, we've made up ten points, now we're on points, and we and BVB will do anything we can to make it, and we can not let that stop us."

He was convinced that the disappointment would not be there tomorrow. "They are all professionals, they have the quality to turn the disappointment into victories and we want to win the international break."

+++ praise for Liverpool ++

"We can only be as good as the opponent allows, and if you have few balls as a striker, disappointment is normal, and if you take the facts, you will not get the critique."

The criticism of the players he did not perceive as negative. "There was nothing against my person, it was his feeling, certain things were not done, because there is a really good opponent on the other side, the opponent did a great job, we would have liked each other differently, we do not have any forwards managed so well. "

+++ To defensive tactics against Liverpool? +++

"The approach was exactly the same as against Wolfsburg or Gladbach, I can not agree with the criticism, we only played against a better opponent who deserved to win, it was an open game until the 60th minute, the opponent has it We did not get the support he needs, we played against the best defense in the Premier League, we had more ball, but we could not do it anymore. "

+++ Let's go +++

Niko Kovac is here, we can start.

"The disappointment is still there today and I hope that today's day will make them disappointed and that they will get the necessary points on Sunday."

+++ It starts immediately +++

Niko Kovac gives his first PK after the knockout round of Bayern in the Champions League. For SPORT1 Reporter Stefan Kumberger is on site at Säbener Straße.

+++ Kovac-PK earlier +++

FC Bayern has canceled the scheduled training session on Friday morning, so Niko Kovac will be kicking off the microphones at 11am.

SPORT1 is at the press conference in LIVETICKER there.

+++ Welcome +++

After the end in the Champions League, it continues for Bayern in the Bundesliga.

Niko Kovac explains at the press conference how FCB has processed the defeat against Liverpool FC and wants to return to the track of success against FSV Mainz. (Bundesliga: Bayern – FSV Mainz on Sunday from 18 clock in LIVETICKER)



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