Nikola Krištopane has renewed his relationship with his former friend – Celebrities

We remind you that in May 2019, it became known that after more than three years of being together, Krištopane’s relationship with her beloved man Lauri Zvirbuli had broken down. The two converged in the autumn of 2015.

Well, Kristopane resumed publishing photos with Sparrow, showing how the two spend their holidays together in Vilnius, as well as giving him romantic words.

On Laura’s birthday, July 20, Nikola experienced a sad event – her dog passed away forever. Then she publicly thanked her beloved man for her support.

“While today has not been one of the easiest days, because the morning started with the loss of our puppy, today is still your birthday, where you showed me (which life continues to prove to me again and again) that you are the most wonderful support I could wish for in the most difficult Today you put yourself in second place and held me tight when I felt how to break my heart.You already know all the things that are late for you, the things that I sincerely believe you deserve.Happy Happy Birthday, my love .

I’m so glad we corrected our mistakes and found our way back to each other (probably the only good thing Covid-19 brought with it).

You really are the best, and I am so happy that six years ago I wrote to you to wish you a happy birthday. You will always be a proof that being brave and overcoming fears takes us to beautiful places, “Nikola said in her congratulatory message.