NÎMES La Poste, a precariousness unworthy of the Republic?

(Photo Anthony Maurin).

This is the question asked by the Gard strikers of La Poste. Since Friday and until tomorrow Saturday, no question for the strikers to distribute the electoral folds because this overload of work is added to many other evils …

All the staff are worried. From civil servants to contract workers, including permanent contracts, fixed-term contracts, temporary workers … All. But it is the “Parcel Courier Staff” who denounce the lack of time to do their job well (not to mention money). “Our jobs have deteriorated sharply in two years but the process is longer. In addition to the health, economic and social environment, there is a strong disorganization and the distribution of electoral envelopes“announces Lionel Clément, secretary general of CGT Fapt.

The strikers (Photo Anthony Maurin).

What do the Gardois want? Financial compensation for agents. The granting of compensatory rest for agents returning to work on their initially scheduled rest day. Finally, the agents want human resources to distribute the electoral envelopes in the best possible conditions.

In the Gard this Friday at 11 am, a delegation from La Poste was to be received at the Prefecture. “In all offices, we have between 10 and 15% vacancy and we have more than 220 temporary workers or people used to fixed-term contracts. In all, we can say that between 30 and 50% of employees at La Poste are precarious, it is endemic to our company. We want to put an end to the postman profession, there is a shortage of personnel because a postman does not have to choose what to distribute and when to do it. We are missing at least 200 people on permanent contracts“adds a manager.

The strike (Photo Anthony Maurin).

Without a Covid bonus or profit-sharing bonus, with a drop in the Facteur d’Avenir bonus and excessive severability for some, La Poste is not doing for the best in the best of all possible worlds. Without being, according to the employees, in competition with Adrexo, the CGT defends the small hands of the large private company. “Our colleagues do their job but there are only 17,000, which is almost five times less than us … And if there is a lot of precariousness with us, at Adrexo too!